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    saintsfanbrian Liberty or Death!!!!

    Thought I would post a Howdy. I was referred here by a Jeep forum. I am new to this and don't really plan on "living off the land" but I do want to be prepared for a major issue that is likely to happen in the city that I live in.

    The likely hood of an earthquake or other natural disaster as well as rioting should something happen to a particular political figure in the news lately.

    I was a scout a LONG time ago and have forgotten everything. I am looking at taking the CERT classes here in town to be prepared more. I can shoot and fish (but not hunt haven't done that in longer).

    That's about it.
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    I too was referred by

    In order for this site to make it it will need daily upkeep with folks like us sharing knowledge.

  3. saintsfanbrian

    saintsfanbrian Liberty or Death!!!!

    Don't have a lot of knowledge to share but plenty of questions brewing.
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    Questions always keep people talking. Post anything you are curious about or anything you would like to share your thoughts on. We welcome you!