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Been here a few days, didn't see this so I'm slow saying I'm glad I found the place, been at the prepping thing a long time and still don't know squat except you can have a 3 life time supply of guns and ammo and food but if you ain't got a place to be and good folks around you then your pretty well screwed... so this past year I loaded up and traveled around a bit and settled on East Texas as the place to have my BOL... you can grow anything here and almost all year.. there's rivers and creeks and lakes all over the place and the Piney Woods on E TX are thick and dense and probably have several clans of Big Foot here about's coz ya can't see 20yds thru the foliage, you can heat your cabin with a cord of wood a year and it rains about 4 ft a growing food is no problem... folks seem to leave ya alone, and don't intrude and if you want to stay out of sight then just stay home in the woods...

All in all I think this is the place...

Thanks for having this place to hang my hat
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