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I'm a young man currently living in Austin, TX and pursuing a Computer Science degree at the University of Texas.

Like most of you, I have some serious concerns over the direction our economy is headed over the next few years. I'm hoping that I didn't become aware of the dangers too late.

I've discussed with my family the idea of getting together a retreat that we can live on for at least a year. We have relatives in Wheeler County, TX that own two sections of land. We are exploring the possibility of purchasing a parcel from them or making improvements. My ideal scenario at this point is to get a mobile home out there, preposition food stocks, and have a well drilled. These are the three major priorities in my mind that I feel we could accomplish before the year is out.

Am I off to a good start? What kind of literature should I be reading to flesh out the retreat? I've read "Patriots" by Rowles but I have no illusions that it will prepare me for an actual survival situation.

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Welcome to the forum! Glad to have you with us!

Sounds like a pretty good plan to start. There are threads here on the forum about Bug-out locations and how to prioritize your plans for what to build or store, etc.

Good luck!


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I'm a young man currently living in Austin, TX and pursuing a Computer Science degree...
Good luck with that degree when the power goes off!

Then again my day job is heavily computer dependant too so I'm just as screwed! :)

Welcome to the forums. Figure out what you want and what you want to do, make a plan, start prepping. Any chance of including the relatives, especially if they are of a similar mindset? Since they would be close by you'd be able to share the work and resources in a bad situation.

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Welcome and hello from eastern Texas.

I've been prepping a long time and I began with storing food long term, having water readily available in barrels and inventoring what arms we had on hand. You will continue to see where the holes are in your preps as you go along. Seems you are started in the right direction. make sure you make plans for short term and long term. Spend your time doing searches and seeking out answers to specfic questions. Good to have you join us!

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I prefer to think of the whole geography thing as "Texas" and "Not Texas". :beercheer:
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