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Morning all!
Nice to meet you. I don't get into too many forums.

I've been told I am an interesting feller ... I suppose. I have built roller coasters, pill dies, credit card company headquarters and graves for donkeys. I have been flush and I have been homeless.

I built a tiny strawbale cabin in the Missouri woods and lived there with no running water with my wife and two beautiful daughters for three years. Last weekend I dug the piers for another cabin. It won't be strawbale (that stuff just eats up too much floor space) but it should be really close to off grid. As often as the power goes out out there it has to be.

I look forward to chatting with you folks.


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I was wonderin' when you would get here .... :2thumb:

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Howdy. I, too, am looking forward to seeing pics of your strawbale cabin -- and.......I'd love to learn from you how you built it.

Welcome! Here's one on me: :beercheer:
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