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    Just thought I should formally introduce myself in case you've seen my screen name pop up since I've been lurking for a few months :)

    I am Holly, and I am married and have 3 daughters (ages 4,3 and 1). We are still relatively young (27 and 32) and we have felt for awhile that the gov't is going bad, so I stumbled across this forum looking up homesteading.

    We are in Northeast Ohio, right smack dab in Amish Country. We actually live in town, but own 4.6 acres outside of town that we hope to build on one day.

    Right now we are working on getting our debts paid off. I am slowly gathering supplies to help us bug-in short term (storm/power outage), but in the case of civil unrest or something more severe, there is no way we would be able to defend ourselves in town, it's just not a good location, so I am trying to keep as many of our supplies easily mobile, so we could hopefully throw everything we could in the car and abandon our house and head to my grandparents in West Virginia (a one tank trip away).

    Just an idea of a few things we are into:
    -We have our CCWs and our friend that we rent to upstairs has his as well, and he reloads ammunition for the guns we do have.
    -We have lots of tools that and my hubby has a good set of knowledge for fixing cars and home improvement.
    -Gardening is a disaster here in town, but the in-laws were kind enough to offer space in their garden, so I'm hoping to have a family gathering of canning this year (I have a brown thumb, so it's something I need to learn)
    -My BIL lives on his in-laws farm, so we buy beef through his FIL, he also raises bees.
    -Our kids are still little, but we plan on homeschooling.
    -I work part-time retail/mostly a stay at home mom and my hubby works from home doing IT, we have also started up a side business in photography.

    I'm pretty sure a few of you from Ohio must live pretty close to me :)

    I look forward to learning a lot, and I will primarily be looking at what others would do if they had the 4.6 acres but not a lot of money to do anything with it at the moment. It has a gas well on it, and a spring. I am hoping to put a small pond on it and stock it. I also would love to plant some fruit and nut trees, have some chickens, keep some bees and garden. I'd love to try and generate enough power to where we could run it off grid, but in Ohio, I don't think I can put all my eggs in one basket as far as alternative power is concerned. My husband would love to have a garage (the most important for him :D), a secret basement room, and a big

    Anyway, just thought I would introduce myself and my situation :)
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    :welcome: to the forums!

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    Welcome! I am from NE Ohio also! We probably are not very far from each other!
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    A used FEMA trailer

    Maybe you could buy a used FEMA trailer and set it up on your lot ?
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    Unfortunately, if we put any type of a dwelling on the land, that will more than likely void the opportunity to get a construction loan when that time would come. Not to mention the wind would probably knock the thing over. We've had a few twisters hit close over the years, and having flat farmland around helps channel that wind.

    PamsPride, I'm sure we are close :)

    Thanks for the welcome :)
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    Welcome to the forum:wave:
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    Hello and Welcome!

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    Welcome:welcome: hippiezrule from a long time preparer. Look forward to your replies and posts.