How will you decide???

Discussion in 'General Preparedness Discussion' started by piglett, Dec 12, 2010.

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  1. piglett

    piglett Well-Known Member

    how will you decide? that is the question that i have.
    I live about a 2 hour drive north of Boston.
    i would say that if the sh*t ever really does hit the fan that i'll have a bunch of Boston city types knocking on my door. how will you handel this.
    i know plenty of good ol boys that grew up in these parts & they can all stoot & hunt & handle guns well. I guess the people on my street would set up roadblocks? checkpoints? my road is about 5 miles long so it could be hard to patrol by vehicle. maybe a couple of very large rocks & a couple of guy with guns would be able to turn away the people that are bound to show up.what do you do when some city boy shows up with his wife, 3 kids,& a dog in their high dollar lux. suv?

    if all local, county, & state police are for whatever reason out of the picture would the people on each country road vote in their own police?
    would they just shoot 1ST & forget about asking many questions?:scratch

  2. SurviveNthrive

    SurviveNthrive a dude

    Before anyone considers anything drastic, remember what happens in natural disasters, people made decisions, good and bad when stressed, but they get judged by people who wish to remove themselves from the situation and are, by both time and environment and by nailing those who took decisive actions.

    This is something to consider before you decide:

    You also have to live with what you've done.

    There's a remorse that moral people feel when they've killed or even just used violence in those situations that they later question as being fully necessary. You'll shake it off perhaps, might even forget it for a while. It might hit you when you're driving along, having a good day. Perhaps you're lying in bed, beside your wife, feeling content and comfortable and a strange feeling hits that perhaps you're not entitled to enjoy yourself that've done something and it disturbs want to be alone with the thoughts as it returns. Then something is there in a potent, unshakable way, the bad memory begins to rise, something wrong, something done...then it comes back fully, you might mouth 'oh My God' and wonder how it slipped your mind, how you managed to forget such a thing, but it's a matter of having repressed the memory so you might function, you supressed the feelings, not so much the event. It's fully back now, a sickening sensation that you've done something that can't be changed, can't be corrected, even if you had to operate on what you felt right during that time, with the stresses, even if it's found justified, sometimes years pass before it hits when you'll feel that shocking sickness of regret or even guilt where there shouldn't be any, and you might wonder if you're right with remember the violence, and, perhaps the eyes and learn that's not cliche, but an observation of those who'd been there. If you're more fortunate than some, you can lie to yourself, and believe that it was someone else's shot but the truth is you know. For many, there's no doubt, no other present then to cause doubt.

    If you're somewhat 'fortunate', and it's in the context of duties or in a clearly legal context you can seek help or even talk about it.

    If it's questionable or considered wrong, then you carry it alone and you'd be a fool to discuss what will jeopardize your future.

    For some violence means nothing, the pain inflicted upon others, and nothing is carried away. In other situations, it's so justified, so assured that not to have killed would carry the guilt. For decent folks, there's the pondering of that millisecond when one decided to act, and horrifically, if there was a certainty that it wasn't necessary, but it'd be accepted and that trigger was still squeezed.

    From that day you'll have little patience for those who sprout false bravado and stupid slogans about something as deadly serious as violence, you'll have little patience with lots of human traits.
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  3. piglett

    piglett Well-Known Member

    hey now i wasn't exactly talking about setting up my own firing squad & offing all the "flat landers" that show up.
    what i was getting at is who do you let in?
    who do you tell to shove off?

    but you do make a good point, or atleast i think you did.

    really when it comes rite down to it most of us don't know what we would do if XYZ were to happen rite now. why ? well because it has never happened to us.
    I will give an example:

    have you ever had a gun pulled on you? i have during a robbery
    I can tell all the billy bad @sses out there that just talk a lot that when the rubber really meets the road you my not react the way you thought you would. it's so EZ to be a monday morning quaterback, those types just make me laugh:p

  4. UncleJoe

    UncleJoe Well-Known Member

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