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How To Use Humanure Without Harming People In The Process

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Okay...James asked me for a Homestead Article.
My name is Jerry Diamond I have a YouTube channel How To Get Out Of Babylon.
after doing the following interview pastor Joe Fox encourage me to get more on YouTube so I started the channel thanks to him;

Watch "There Is A Safe Place! OzArk Refugium!!!" on YouTube

Nuff bout me, now to a very important Homestead subject!

One of the questions that pastor Joe asked me when I was at his house in High prairie acres was what if 100 people showed up what are you going to do to and I said well I got enough greenhouse plastic to put up an improvised quick shelter for them figuring that shelters really important of course... But I was taking a back when he said 100 people show up having to have to take a dump they have to go to the bathroom what are you going to do for sanitation? So let's start with that!

I'm not gonna do a long article.
Cut to the chase.
Simple quick is 5 Dylan bucket and sawduster wood chip cover. That works okay and we use it for a whole year when we first came to Missouri now what do you do with the poop? two options you can do the human thing where your thermophilic composter for 48 hours is a high heat compost which works in fact in the book he says he had his wheelbarrow full of compost and said "smell this mama" she scoops a huge handfull, smells it and she goes "it smells wonderful like forest mulch." "that's my poop mom" (urge to kill own son:)

Anyways... My entire family used to composting toilet a poop toilet half of a 20 gallon bucket barrel and I was dumping it into a concrete mind enclosure so I had about several hundred gallons of poop material and I was going I introduce some worms into it after I drove some Amish to a funeral and so I turn it off from thermophilic composting to manure and it worked wonderful. Still at the house of carrying a 15 half a barrel of a poop around and dumping it and watching it out without getting messy shall we say?

So living on my own for 7 years I was again faced with how to deal with poop well I dug a hole you know I dug quite a few holes I got tired of digging holes cuz it's from Missouri you know there's a rocks here it's not easy then I started burning it;
a lot easier but still messy and still requires a lot of hassle got to prep a big burn probably burn three or four buckets at a time Once again combine two technologies and you have synergy you have a geometric explosion of possibilities!!!
When I split firewood I have a tire or two sitting there on blocks and they were sitting there right by the where I was dumping urine into a huge pile of leaving I thought leaves, tires, there's a toilet seat sitting there bingo!!?
So one day I put the tires on the little hole slap two tires down Put A Toilet Seat On It: VOILA!! I have an outdoor composting worm tower toilet! !!
(Put A Toilet Seat On It!)
I just got to hire some manureworms!!! Pretty easy that; just lay corrugated cardboard on the ground lay carpet down, let them sit for a few weeks, and you'll see manure worms under it.
COFFEE grounds watermelon things like that they love pretty easy to attract them and I think that'll probably be some in there come warmer whether it's not good now but if I insulate the thing keep them happy or actually built a little enclosure around it and keep it insulated, the little guys be happy and last forever.
If they get down into the ground... synergy Strikes
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