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How to Steal 100K a Year Easily. When you work at a library. Lie about Late Fees.

So here in Yellowknife I took out a movie or book or something from the local library. I knew, I brang it back on time basically. Didn't have much money. Was very careful. Also was reading about scams online.

I told the person at the front desk I brought the book or movie back on time and started laughing at him. Telling him what a awesome scam this would be. Lots of people I knew where confused to why they had late fees, many, many, times. He started freaking out somewhat, and told me, it must be a error basically, and he would fix it. So he opened some spread sheet or something, that at the time, they were using for there accounting program, and changed the entry manually by himself. Just like that. That part of it anyhow.

So if you steal $500 a day from people. That's $5000 in ten working days /2 weeks. Or 10,000 dollars a month. Assuming you are only open 10 months a year. That's $100,000 dollars a year you can steal.

Told some people, and people started asking for receipts. They got a new accounting system software eventually. Still had to make manual by hand receipts. No G.S.T. registration number too. I think you make more than $30,000 a tax period you are supposed to have a G.S.T registration number. Maybe not for the government though aye. Wink wink. City Hall.

Some tells.

You can take out lots of books, DVD, etc at one time. Each with like, 1 dollar each a day, late fines. So you may easily get 15 to 20 dollars a day in late fines.

Fake accounting software the staff can change at a whim.

Fake tracking software that staff can change to say you are overdue.

Lots of drug addicts and junkies are around.

Staff takes breaks ever few hours. To do drugs in hiding. Depending upon how close to being a junkie they are. Or ensuring job security and career security of many but pretending to be drug addict junkies.

See staff with junkies.

Staff sticks up for junkies abusing victims.

Staff does not warn people, including new people that come to town, showing up to a public library event, like mothers with children, that drug users, are almost always present in library. They want them somewhere else hidden in library, or outside. Some junkies start pretending to be nice.

Staff lies.

Not warn the general public at large, regularly, that it's a sess pit for drug addicts and junkies. Posted signs and such to.

More I guess.
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