how to sharpen a serrated knife blade in 90 seconds

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    Wow, that's fast.

    And I had no idea that sharpening a blade could be that fast!

    When I saw he was gonna just use the rag wheel buffer, I thought it was gonna be lame, but the knife went from useless to razor sharp!

    I have two questions:

    1) what is he talking about when he says "wire edge"?

    2) what does he keep doing by running the blade on the wood every ten seconds or so?

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    Please forward to folks that might be interested in this sort of thing.

    Many thanks!
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  2. NaeKid

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    I have used a buffer-wheel to polish-up knives as well after making the knife out of some homemade damascus. If the steel is good, it will take a sharp edge and make it even better by removing just enough material to perfect the edge.

    I also use the coffee-cup sharpener and a diamond-impregnated rubber-pad (normally used for plumbing) to sharpen the edge. The biggest thing is to make sure that you have the angle right and that you clean any burr off the edge ...

  3. Tirediron

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    when he first hit it with the emory wheel and pulled metal to cause the wire edge, the moved metal resembles a thin wire.
    After each buffer sharpen he runs it over the oak to remove the fatigued metal, then re sharpens , after the fatigued metal is gone the blade holds an edge for quite a while.
    if you just buff it sharp all you do is move the work softened material to the edge, but it is relatively soft and won't stay sharp, that what he cut the oak for between buffings