How to Make A Vertical Garden - CHEAP

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  1. IrritatedWithUS

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    - Hanging pocket shoe organizer /store.
    - Pole and attachments ( curtain pole or pipe fittings, screws).
    - Strong metal saucepan or utensil hanging hooks
    - Compost of a good quality moisture holding type.
    - Selection of plants or seeds... e.g. mixed leaf salad, herbs,sorrel, peas, mini tomatoes.
    - Piece of wood 2"x2" as long as the width of the pocket store to keep the base of pockets away from the wall.
    - Trough planter to catch drips.

    STEP 1:

    Attach a strong pole with metal fittings to any wall.
    You could use a curtain pole. Make sure it is at the correct height


    Use strong hooks or wire to attach the shoe store. They must be strong enough to support the weight of the compost, plants and water.


    Pour water into the pockets to check the drainage, if they don't drain then make a few small holes in each of the pockets.



    Add a good moisture retaining compost, fill to 1" below the rim so that water does not pour out over the rim.

    Sow seeds or add seedlings. I suggest....

    - herbs: thyme, sorrel, chives, cilantro

    - salad mixed leaf, mustard, or spinach

    - minibel tomatoes

    - petit pois peas you can eat the young leaflets and tendrils



    Use a piece of wood to make sure the excess water drips into the trough below.

  2. goshengirl

    goshengirl Supporting Member

    This is SO COOL! I see an herb garden in my future! Thanks :)

  3. IrritatedWithUS

    IrritatedWithUS Well-Known Member

    You can put this on a balcony it's so easy. It saves up TONS of room as well. I thought about making one just for strawberries. And I want to get those metal rug displays because I can make them into free-standing vertical gardens.
  4. Linda61

    Linda61 Active Member

    Gosh, loves this idea, going to wallyworld tonight, think I will look for a shoe bag, thanks for the idea
  5. *Andi

    *Andi Supporting Member

    Loads of good info!

    Thanks all!

    Andi off to plot and plan! :D
  6. Salekdarling

    Salekdarling Member

    Looks like I got a project to do with the shoe bag I bought and never used. Thanks hun!:D
  7. IrritatedWithUS

    IrritatedWithUS Well-Known Member

    Welcome! I'm going to try to grow strawberries in every pocket this year and have a separate shoe "wall" of lettuce and other herbs
  8. wolfwhisper

    wolfwhisper Active Member

    hey thanks for the tip with the shoe rack. what types of veggies wood you say would be good to plant in them? thanks for your help.:wave:
  9. IrritatedWithUS

    IrritatedWithUS Well-Known Member

    you can do radishes, spinach, lettuce, flowers, herbs, mint, etc...

    It's an experiment!
  10. BadgeBunny

    BadgeBunny Well-Known Member

    What an excellent idea ... I have lots of fence space that "needs" to be used up!!
  11. lhalfcent

    lhalfcent Supporting Member

    neat idea!!!
    I have a lot of clay soil in my yard and needs to be amended.
    I have decided to do straw bale gardening this year and as the straw decomposes over the next winter then i can mulch it in methinks.
    but this vertical idea is way awesome ... i have an old dresser i was thinking of pitching and i think based on this idea i am gonna use the drawers for planting on my deck.
  12. HoppeEL4

    HoppeEL4 Member

    IrritatedwithUS, what rug displays? I am trying to picture them and cannot.

    We have a pumphouse that is built with cinder blocks, and of course painted, and I wondered if building something to stand against the wall (for heat) that could be a vertical planter as well....hmm...good idea for my mothers carport back wall, and also for us to let my grandson (6) to grow some things (they live in an apartment with a baclony).
  13. IrritatedWithUS

    IrritatedWithUS Well-Known Member

    They're cast iron stands that you can hang rugs on instead of framing them to a wall or something. They're free standing and you can attach the rug to them with a loop-dealy that they give you. Just use the cast-iron part and hang the shoe rack on them with the loops provided by the shoe rack

    Ever watch Antiques Roadshow when they are talking about a rug and it's hanging? those things :)
  14. dragon5126

    dragon5126 Tired of Posers

    heck thats my kids normal shoe rack...
  15. HoppeEL4

    HoppeEL4 Member

    I love the idea of a vertical garden, imagine the amount of space it saves for people with condos, or those with townhome rentals with those itsy bitsy spot in the back they call yards. Even so I am going to give it a try. I also looked it up after this discussion was started and found all sorts of idea for vertical gardens using all manner of materials and ways. Really efficient and easy maintenance for someone with joint troubles. I also know potatoes can be grown in all manner of deep containers, and one plant yields a nice amount of fresh potatoes, and this too would be good for those with limited abilities and/or space.
  16. neldarez

    neldarez Supporting Member

    This is a great idea! I would be interested in starting a salad garden in something like that! thanks:thankyou:
  17. Davarm

    Davarm Texan

    Sweet, I dont need to garden that way but I love the idea and will file it away for the future .

    You should consider applying for a Patent, you maybe could bring in enough money to set back a good nest egg. Wonderful Idea.
  18. musketjim

    musketjim Well-Known Member

    cool idea might check our local salvage stores for a shoe rack like that. Thanx
  19. micapurewater

    micapurewater New Member

    great information! Thanks ... no green thumb here, but I think I can make this happen. My husband is GREAT at growing, but you know how it is to "learn" from your mate! LOL