How to deal with GM superweeds?

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  1. Woody

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    The only answer would be GM the GM out of them!

    "According to a recent report out of Washington University (WU) in St. Louis, Mo., the chemical industry's answer to genetically-modified (GM) induced superweeds is to now tamper with the genetics of the superweeds themselves, which may appear to provide a quick fix, but will eventually spur an even worse breed of "super superweeds."

    Learn more: Biotech quick fix for superweeds could lead to 'super superweeds'

    I guess once you have screwed Mother nature the only alternative is to keep doing it until you can fix her! We need a way out of this madness.
  2. JayJay

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    Regarding Mother Nature??

    Did anyone read or hear about the Mississippi River and the carp from Asia??
    They were introduced to parts of the MS to control algae and unwanted fishes and vermin, I think??
    Well, with the flooding and waters receding over the dam, etc, the carp have gone to new territory and are said to be eating necessary fishes....yep, we're brilliant aren't we??:ignore:

  3. catsraven

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    Introducing a species is dangerous. You cant control them and they always take over.

    On How to deal with the GM weeds? STOP MAKING THEM!!
    I know thats over simplified. But they never should have started in the first place
  4. power

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    Carp, the leaping kind, silver carp, do not eat other fish. They are filter feeders.
  5. Bigdog57

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    And..... what do we do when all that 'better living through chemistry' begins affecting OUR own genes! There is already evidence piling up about fertility problems do to increased estrogen levels in male humans. We may well breed ourselves into extinction......

    Hope the next apex species is a little smarter. :rolleyes:
  6. power

    power ExCommunicated

    People want to pick and choose which part of science they like and exclude what they don't like. Of course we all do not agree on what is good and what is bad.

    When man began domesticating animals and planting crops we began changing the world and everything in it.
    Compare a broiler chicken of today with one from even 100 years ago.
    Compare the milk for a dairy cow of today to one from 100 years ago.
    Compare the amount per acre of the wheat today to that of 100 years ago.
    Compare the life expectancy of people today to 100 years ago.
  7. Meerkat

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    I can tell you about that.That increase was from mothers not breast feeding and big corp.s taking advantage of it.

    Soybeans are full of estrogen and easy to grow,so baby formular was made mostly from soy milk.

    Carnation,Karo Strup and water was what my kids got after I stopped breast feeding them.