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How to choose rice processing equipment? It is suggested that users should not choose a complete set of rice processing equipment simply according to price or brand, but can choose equipment according to their own technology, production capacity and finished product requirements, mainly in the following three aspects
1. Are the functions of the complete set of rice processing equipment diversified?
2. Is the technological process of the complete set of rice processing equipment reasonable?
3. What is the capacity of the rice processing equipment?
Matters needing attention when purchasing rice processing equipment
1. Take advice from professionals
We usually only contact sales before signing a contract with the manufacturer. Many details about the equipment were obtained from salespeople. After the contract is signed, it will be handed over to professional and technical personnel for design. However, the process and equipment have been determined at this time, so the scope of design is limited. But in fact, the choice of process still needs to be tailored according to your actual situation, so try to communicate directly with professional technicians when purchasing to determine the design plan that suits your situation.
2. Double check the equipment
Many consumers usually pay attention to the stand-alone effect and production strength of the manufacturer when purchasing equipment, while ignoring the overall performance of the entire set of equipment. For complete sets of equipment, the performance of a single machine is very important, but the overall related design and installation have a great impact on the processing effect. If the process is unreasonable and the overall collocation is not coordinated, the processing requirements will not be met. Therefore, when we purchase equipment, we need to conduct a detailed inspection of all aspects.
3. Is the positioning of the rice factory accurate?
Before purchasing equipment, we must first clarify the following points: 1. The production capacity of the rice factory, 2. The grade and packaging of the finished product, 3. The sorting requirements of by-products, and 4. The design of the rice factory requires the rice factory to clarify. With these detailed requirements, accurate positioning can be made when selecting a complete set of equipment
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