How should we prep for the nuclear fallout from Japan?

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    Forgive me, but I'm unclear as to the best way to prepare for the fallout from Japan. I'm 'in the zone' in the map that Basey posted on another thread, and I'd like to do whatever we can to take care of ourselves.

    What is the best way, in layman's terms, to prep for this? What should be expect?

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    I'm on the west coast. I'll get hit first if it happens @[email protected]
    We already had a mini tsunami from the earthquake. It wrecked a few piers and toppled boats.

    We just had a unexpected wind storm today. We had an inch of rain and 71MPH winds. We've had a few toppled over trees but everything is okay.

    I just bought potassium iodine pills for the radiation if SHTF.
    I'm preparing to hunker down for awhile if needed. Wish I had a radiation detector that I was looking at online a week ago!!

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    When should someone start taking the potassium iodine pills? How much? I wish you had that radiation detector, too! With your location, that would be important. Then again, it would be important in any location. How else would we know there's radiation? That's what concerns me - we won't see it and know it's here.
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    I found this on KI4U's company website while looking for Iodine pills. The company is already having a heck of a time keeping up on the orders for iodine pills so I suggest you get yours as soon as possible. I looked at other sites for KI tablets and they seem to be selling out everywhere. :(

    I don't know if this will help you at all but it's a .pdf how to guide. WHAT TO DO IF A NUCLEAR DISASTER IS IMMINENT!
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    Dr Josef Oehmen does seem to know how to explain the situation very well. I was able to verify that he is a research scientist with MIT but other than that I haven't been able to find any other credentials for him (tho I admit it was a very quick search). just fyi
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    Don't worry, the govt. will take care of us....yeah, right huh? That is part of planning for an emergency. While I am far from prepared I do have some potassium Iodide (Ki) on hand.

    A couple of weeks ago I was checking some of my prep items and found my potassium Iodide (K1) I contacted the company,( Potassium Iodide Pill Source with RADSticker, NukAlert, FEMA Radiation Meters, MRE's, fallout shelters, etc. ) from where I bought it and the fella answering the phone assured me that the product was still good for a few more years if it has been properly stored.

    So, I while have planned ahead for most things...however, I can guarantee you that I am still not totally prepared; especially without my hubby to partner with me on this.

    I see the damage in Japan with a heavy heart; that could be any city along the west coast. How does one prepare for something like that when you live along the coast line and even inland? I'm so saddened about the loss of lives and the tragedy of the event. That could be our country.
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    I was on Survival Blog site and there are 2 sites that sell "Anti-Nuke" pills (KI4U and KI03) KI03's site is saying KI4U's pills cause cancer in lab rats and if you send them a picture of the product and $11.95 they'll send you a bottle of KI03. I suppose they both work, just don't know what's safe...
    KIO3 - FAQ
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    potassium-iodate tablets here or you could just buy a bottle of concentrated iodine at a drug store or walmarts and paint a couple inches on your body somewhere out of sight as it won't go away for a while, kids and infants need less, how much, i'm not sure. your body will take in what it needs.

    Potassium Iodate Tablets
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    i don't know if you read what was said on survival blog, but I also talked to an expert and were don't really have anything to worry about with nuclear fallout here. If you are really worried, get a radiation detector and check daily.
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    KI4U is out of stock on the pills, they have the liquid in vials.

    Berkley Water Filters site claims to have them in stock... I just ordered a bottle of pills from them and a vial of liquid from KI4U to replace the outdated Potassium Iodate in my bunker.

    @ Herbalpagan... yeah, I don't trust my Gummint either... even though I'm a volunteer FEMA trained radiation monitoring tech...

    2 months ago, I bought 4 new Geiger counters, and a dozen dosimeters with charger on E-bay, different ranges to handle mild, medium and heavy radiation.

    It's going to rain here tomorrow, so I'm catching some in a beaker and measure it. I'm way up in Maine. Repeating this for a while just for the hell of it.

    Anybody with a Geiger counter (CDV700 or similar sensitivity) out west that can do it too?

    Thnaks, - BC
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    Sounds like you are our resident expert Basey. Keep us posted. You need to change coasts to give us advanced warning. Start digging up that seabox. :)
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    I was just looking online for Iosat for a friend that doesn't have any. Most everyplace I looked said "Out of Stock". Of the places that did "appear" to have it, there was normally some fine print on the page that said they'll get it to you... eventually. In general, they said it'll be a couple weeks minimum.

    My friend just learned a valuable lesson. Getting goods after a disaster (be it real or perceived) isn't likely... I have enough for his family and mine so he's OK for now.
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    Radiation and Geiger counters are a hobby and passion. I would highly recommend going on E-bay and purchasing one, while you can. They are usually a little more, but try and get one that's been calibrated in the last year.

    The older cheaper Civil Defense (before 1964) ones use a headset and plug in to hear the counts. The headset is supplied with the unit.

    If you want to spend the money, ($500) you can get a small digital one like The Inspector Alert. I love this unit, it has a lot bells and whistles, though pricey.

    I'm sure some already know, your thyroid is like a sponge to iodine. Taking the pills saturates your thyroid, so it is less able to absorb the radioactive iodine present in fallout.
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    I found them at Country Living Store Saturday. They've been on my To Get list for months, just got pushed down the list every week.

    $23.95 shipping and tablet cost(90 tablets)...and I did search before I purchased...many companies are much higher.

    Keep a bottle of iodine or iodine tablets in your emergency kit. ... The difference is that you need slightly more of K103 than K1. ... How long is the shelf life of potassium iodide?; Potassium Iodide is inherently stable. If kept dry in an unopened container at room temperature, it can be expected to last indefinitely.

    Adults - 2 Tablets per day, Children 3-12 yrs - 1 Tablet, 1 month to three years - 1/2 tb, Newborn to 1 month - 1/4

    however, one site instructions read one tablet for 10 days, no more-- and the vial comes with 20 tablets in each for two persons..hmmmmm.
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    Thats a big difference in dosage!!!
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    I'm sure it's too late to shop on ebay. Should have done that last Thursday.

    You can't just give out doses by the number of pills unless every company in the world makes exactly the same size pill. You need to give doses in mg. There are plenty of sites that have info:
    Dr. David Brownstein - Holistic Family Medicine
    from wiki:
    Recommended Dosage for Radiological Emergencies involving radioactive iodine[21]
    Age KI in mg
    Over 12 years old 130
    3 – 12 years old 65
    1 – 36 months old 32
    < 1 month old 16