How real is the EMP threat?

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    There are equal and opposing views on both sides of the EMP threat argument.
    Congress failed to fund the EMP study group which was disbanded last September.
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    (Source: Many years in Federal Gov't as WMD Expert most advising moderately Senior decision maker-laymen.)
    I personally dont think NoKo has the ability to do this yet. Regular "atom bombs" are not enough to make a national EMP happen you need thermonuclear weapons.

    But NoKo has just successfully tested one relatively recently.. which was years after they launched that satellites everyone keeps talking about.

    No one, especially a resource poor country ,will plausibly deploy such incredibly expensive systems untested on equally expensive satellites that might just blow up.
    So when they launched them they dindt have the class of weapon needed.
    As a result its plausible, those satellites do NOT carry a load can can cause a nationwide EMP.

    So whats left? ... France, Britain, Russia, and maybe China as the only countries capable of doing this.
    Terrorist Groups do not have the resources.
    But Nation States will always fear US nuclear retaliation.

    I personally think a nationwide blackout is more likely as a result of a stuxnet type virus or worm infection of our grid's control system.

    Most experts agree that we have been probed for a while now.
    This is something that many actors could pull off including NoKo.

  3. ArizonaHeat

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    I tend to agree that a thermonuclear device would not be used, especially by NoKo. The US military would most likely retaliate and destroy NoKo and the "little rocket man" likes his position and power too much to loose everything.
    More likely would be a cyber attack and it would be difficult to pinpoint the state actor.
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    One possibility is a country like Iran launching a cruise missile from a container vessel. Russia or China could provide them with the device. We wouldn't know who was responsible for launching it. By the time we did we wouldn't be in any position to do anything about it.
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    I tend to go more with a virus or CME. Nations realized what we could have done after 9-11 and I just don't see any nation out there wanting to start lobbing nukes. Even if it was Iran, we would instantly assume they had assistance from Russia and pop them too. The stakes are just to large anymore. Of course I could be wrong and that's why I prep.;)
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