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How much should you spend on a 'River Cabin', that might be a 'Retirement Home' for yourself and spouse?

I bought a (once grand for it's time) house that was about to fall in on it's self, and I've been SLOWLY remodeling it for a 'River Cabin'...

I'm doing most of the work myself, so it's being done VERY cheap, but I'm still getting a LOT of money in it...

I'd like to hear about/see what you all are doing for 'Get Away' & 'Vacation' cabins for compairson....
About 300-500k USD to set it up right.

I guess a lot of money is a matter of perspective. Building materials are rather inexepensive the hire out labor is what costs.

I wouldn't think a basic river cabin would cost much more then 20-40k for material being as your doing the labor.

Every situation is different.
I put together a place in TX. in the late 80's for about 14k, that included the land, structure (700sq), well, septic, and electric.
1 - 2 of 10 Posts
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