how long store can food really last

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  1. Odell

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    i have heard that foods last longer than originally thought

    What about can food do they last longer than date on package?

    Does the metal have a factor in the date? Will it seep into the food?
  2. The_Blob

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    from experience I have eaten canned fruit that was significantly past its expiration date & it definitely tasted like the metal the can was made from even though I'm pretty certain they are sprayed with a food-grade plastic coating on the inside... :eek:

    if a can has bulges in it, definitely do NOT eat the food in it, you'll get Botulism & die! :eek:

  3. MSGarden

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    Yes, food can be stored longer than exp date

    We found that when we dry our own food - it can last several years in the freezer/cold storage room.

    I have pictures of the solar food dryer and ice storage on

    Meats, fish and nuts store longer too and I imagine that store bought items would store longer when kept out of sunlight and heat.
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