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Until 1969 we had no electrical power in our home in the country and in the city we lived in a converted basement without air-condition, just two big doors leading to the patio, the kitchen had open walls totally separated from the house and that was in the tropics the island of Cuba, hot, humid and with 10 hours of sunshine daily. Keep in mind that homes were constructed for this type of weather; my family country home had big tall windows that never close, high open attic and a totally separated kitchen, typical of old style Caribbean homes where the kitchen was always at the back of the house with open walls, people also dress for this type of weather. Since coming to America, an electric jungle, I notice that instead of using Mother Nature to our favor, we fight it; our ancestors build homes of thick adobe walls with many windows high ceilings and homes in the city had extended porches, sometimes all around the house or at least awnings to keep the sun away from coming in, we now built them like boxes with seal attics to hold the heat in and keep the electric bill high. With the technology we have now there is no reason to suffer any, solar power fans and air condition are available even refrigeration but you still be attach to some form of grid and is expensive. My honest subjection, open your house up and cook outside, install awnings, dress loosely, wear more cotton ,lose some weight and forget about EMP`s or STP`s, hell life is hard already .
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