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"How does it feel?" the reporter asked Obama. "It feels bad." said Obama.

It would seem that Obama is "just not getting it" as Savannah indicated in her question about Obama's policies.
In the Election 2010 press conference Obama continues to make overtures for "strong healthy debate" and "areas in which we will disagree".

When one reporter asks about policies for which Obama has stood, his answer seems to be that he wants to work with people about creating new jobs, and fixing the economy. Kind of side stepping the my estimation the reporter left the door wide open to not address specific issues of Healthcare and Cap And Trade and anything else specific.
But even one of the reporters, frames a question that asks, "Are you willing to consider that the idea of stimulus packages is not an option for creating jobs in our country, and if so, what other options can 'the government' exercise to improve the economy and job growth."

WELL let me tell you...the real problem here is it is NOT the government's job to create jobs. It is the government's job to defend our borders and maintain a standing army.

Even the press is framing questions in the expectation that the government is responsible for making everything alright. Obama says that he will take responsibility.

Since when did the job of President include making sure the government creates jobs for the people?
This is the critical point of the matter. At least half of Americans...want smaller government. The other half seems to want a handout. (provided by the government).

Half of America wants to hold the big businesses accountable and stop bailing them out at the expense of taxpayers. The other half seems to agree with the propaganda that some businesses are too big to fail.

When are the majority of the people going to realize, that the hard decisions will be letting greedy businesses fail and fall on their faces, and letting the correction come naturally as it should in Free Enterprise and within a Free Market System.
They are not TOO BIG too fail....they are FREE TO FAIL if they make stupid decisions!

The best thing Obama could do is rubber stamp some real functional bills from congress, that cut the spending, cinch the belt, let businesses fail and succeed on their own merits and step out of the picture.

One reporter mentions how Bush was candid when he took a political thumping, and how Obama mentioned it was humbling. "How does it feel?" the reporter asked. "It feels bad." said Obama.

EPA vs Cap And Trade
the smartest thing we can get dems and repubs in the same room...clean air, clean water, make progress in the short term, technolgies in the long term to reduce greenhouse gases. The EPA says gh gasses are a pollutant that falls under their jurisdiction.

We have to find ways that do not hurt the economy but help reduce these pollutants.
One reporter asks, "In retrospect, do you wish you had not some of these deals?", to pass healthcare.
One reporter refers to Obama previous comments if you want to go Forward put it in D (democrat) if you want to go backwards put it in R (republican). "Did your policies take us in reverse?" Obama chose to answer the question by
Don't Ask Don't Tell. If they are putting their lives on the line for our security. They should not be constrained because of sexual preference. Working with Pentagon to do this in orderly fashion. Most of the American people agree. (The question is 'agree to what?')

Once again Obama puts the cart before the horse. If it is not about the sexual preference, than why bring it up at all? Why parade someone's sexual preference up front?

Obama lies about the economy. He said he received the presidency while economy was in free fall. And that it has stabilized. Really?

Do you need to hit the reset button with business? asks another reporter.

Obama: Ya I think this is an important question that we have been dealing with for a few months now.
Obama says, (paraphrasing here) Finding the right balance in making sure that businesses treat customers fairly...but also making sure that the only way America succeeds is if business succeeds. It's dynamic and entrepreneurial. The free market needs to be nurtured. Obama says, "I have to take responsibility ....that the most important thing we can do is boost...our business sector...the whole focus is how are we going to open up markets so small business does not suffer."
Americans feel that the election results show that Obama is personally out of touch with their economic pain. Are you willing to compromise your approach now?

When you are in this place...our challenge is how do I meet my responsibilities here in the White House. Alot of hours and alot of work. Engage with American people. Some break my heart...some provide me encouragement.
For another report on the Press Conference take a look at this Associated Press story.
Obama signals compromise with GOP on tax cuts

Just getting the word out there...for those who did not get to catch it on the radio or TV.
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My guess is that he hasn't learned anything of value. He still thinks Obamacare is a great thing and would like to "close" the loopholes to be sure that everyone is covered. This despite the fact that the dimocraps ran like scared little rabbits everytime Obamacare was mentioned.

He still thinks the problem is that he didn't sell his programs to the public. No thought that maybe his programs are why the dumbocraps lost so much this time around. It amazes me that there are people who believe Palin is not qualified to be president but believe Owebama is!!!! :gaah:

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he's "running it up the flagpole" (like always... & he's NOT the only one)

he's trying to pull a Bill Clinton & get reelected... there's NO Newt gingrich in the current GOP, which I think will actually hurt them perceptually with the public

the only thing they can hope to do is 'defund' the HCB while also cutting back on spending... I'm sorry to have to break this to all ya'all, but taxes will HAVE to increase :( but if the spigot can get a check-valve the pain of it doesn't necessarily have to be that bad... unfortunately all that will happen now is fingerpointing by the old guard while freshman try to make sense out of The Swamp

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"How does it feel?" the reporter asked Obama. "It feels bad." said Obama.

If I was that reporter, I would have said "Yeah, we felt the same thing when you were elected!!" :D

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O yea i hope he has a crap load of sleepless nights. Like half of America not knowing what that POS is going to do next. But i would say he sleeps fine, he has not given up his socialist American dream yet.

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obama and his droids just got kicked in the cojones, by We The People - how's THAT for a mandate, barry!? :D

Give us a couple years, we'll do it again, with our steeltoed boots!! :mad:
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