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As far as bartering, I'm stocking up on ammo and tobacco, in addition to the fact that I'm a pretty decent hand at building houses/waterwheels, etc, and should be getting some "oldschool" smithing under my belt here SOON.

As far as GOLD coins, easy man, easy. Cut 'em into eight pieces of, ya know? :D I KNEW I would have to bring this up one day, Pirates had the right idea, SCREW NINJAS! :2thumb:

But seriously, if you buy gold coins (I cannot say "gold coins" without thinking of SNLs Scrooge McDuck skit!), cut 'em into fractions for smaller purchases, or like Emerald said, get a necklace/chain/something.

Really though, in MY area, gold'll get you nowhere FAST. Yeah, it's got vaule right now, but really, when :shtf:, who wants MONEY? The preppers I know want food, ammo, and good old toby! The ONE prepper I DO know that's stocking precious metal is doing Silver Bullion coins. Cheaper than gold, and will be more effective in the long run for smaller purchases.
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