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How Dangerous Law Enforcement, and The Criminal Justice System, Has Really Become. Non Standard Ways, Not Talked About.

So when you have things happening to you or a loved one like gets and is allowed to happen. What does it mean? They want you destroyed.

So whenever the police does not do there job, perfectly, as it would be done for themselves, it means, they want you destroyed. While at the same time they are trying to get you into trouble. When they do not stop crimes from being done to you and others it is because they want you destroyed. A criminal record, is a lot like a death sentence. No job for you. You will probably loose you job. Your employer knows you are trapped now to. Want to bet what happens then to you or your loved one.

I don't think you understand still. That cop may not even know your name or that you exist. Or that your loved ones exist. The criminal justice system is indicating that they care not for you at all, or your loved ones at all. They don't care if you become, a victim of violence. Don't care, if you are surrounded by gang members. don't care if your child might did in school because of violence.

What they do care about though is charging and convicting people of crimes, for there personal career security, and all that. School shootings don't happen near as often as people getting charged with crimes and convicted. The courts (protect) the gangs. Only taking a few hardened career criminals, at a time, and other criminals, just take over, whatever those arrested and convicted, criminal activities.

The courts, are literally protecting, pimps, prostitutes, street thugs, and convicted sex offenders, like convicted pedophiles. Making sure, they are around you and your loved ones.

This is modern day slavery. Using peoples misery, poverty, suffering, violence done to them so they can have it easier themselves by living off peoples disparing lives. Done on purpose to us all. When you are a slave you have no rights. You are not a human being, but a income source for them. The criminal justice system and other government departments staff, are no better, that junkies themselves, in how they treat, there fellow human beings.

They want you on the streets, same with your loved ones to, with no options, but the gangs. So then you are trapped forever. Basically. Can't get a regular education if you are not allowed to sleep as you need to and all kinds of things are done to you constantly (for years) to stress you out. Studying needs a stress free environment, as much as possible. Having to worry about people attacking you, and you do get attacked sometimes. Is not a very good environment for studying.
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