House across the street being watched by cops

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    Ugh. When we moved here two years ago, a random person told us something about the house across the street. It was a furniture delivery man, and he asked if we ever had any trouble. I said no, they were quiet people who kept to themselves, but there were some things I thought were...different. The guy said he delivered things to their house regularly-something that continues to this day, these people buy a heck of a lot of furniture-and that he said the place was filled with drug paraphernalia.

    The outside of the house is equipped with large security cameras and motion sensor spotlights. They have a pitbull who guards the backyard. There is a steady stream of cars in and out of their driveway, but mostly during the daytime hours. The guy has a live in girlfriend and they have two school aged boys who never cause trouble. On the surface they look like a normal family. He walks the dog in the evening, takes his boys to football practice, keeps the place looking nice. But then add in another weird thing: All of the other neighbors told us they never speak to these people, even the new people who moved in about a year ago said they never introduced themselves. Why the secrecy? In this neighborhood, that kind of thing gets you raised eyebrows. What are they hiding?

    The story turns more when I ask our landlord about this house. I told him about the rumor I heard, and he said "C? No way! He's a chef at a local restaurant. I used to talk to him when I walked my dog." He did however say that one time "C" disclosed some information about his family life, that he apparently has SIX other children with several different women in addition to the two he's got with his current girlfriend. I thought "Okay maybe that accounts for all the cars coming and going"...but I have yet to see any other kids around. He just had some major work done on the house as well-all new windows, whole house painted by a company that does "green" painting, basement waterproofed,new gutters and downspouts, central air conditioning and that steady stream of furniture and decorations-ALL of this in the two short years we've lived here. I know what restaurant C works at, and I doubt he makes all that money by cooking there. I don't know what his girlfriend does for work. They have four cars, which they always park on the damned street instead of their huge driveway and three car garage.

    Well, it appears that the rumor might have been true after all. Last week two cops were at the house in the daytime-but no one was home. I went outside and pretended to get the mail and eavesdropped on them. It seemed like they wanted entry to the house, as the one guy commented "Nope the place is locked up tight." I'm a watcher, and I sit on my front porch every evening unless its raining. Just tonight an unmarked cop car drove slowly past the house twice. Nothing has happened yet, but I have a feeling it might. In some ways I feel sorry for them-overall they seem like decent people, especially when it comes to their kids. I hate to think that what I am thinking now could be true. (that and I don't want to worry about getting shot when I'm mowing my front yard in case one of their "deals" goes sour)
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    In my town it is said that every single neighborhood has either a grow-op or a drug-house. I am sure that there might be a grow-op-house 3 doors down, no-one is ever "home" but the TV is always on and the lights are always on ... daytime and nighttime.

    The cops seem to know but haven't done anything about it ... :dunno:

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    Sounds familiar to me. I don't have any close neighbors but a few miles away (that's practically next door here) a couple with teenage kids bought a fairly small house. Nice couple, polite kids. They renovated the house - new roof, new paint, new porch. Wow, I think - they are really sinking money into that place.

    They built and addition for their new hot tub.
    Are they barrowing up to their eyeballs on construction loans?

    They bought a new $40,000 truck. They bought horses and fenced a large pasture. They built a barn. They landscaped including backhoe work to deepen several hundred yards of creek bed. They built a paved tennis court and put up basket ball hoops. All this in under 2 years. They were clearly spending way more money than anyone else in the neighborhood.

    The guy got busted with 75 pounds of pot and a couple guns in the car crossing state lines. Feds took the new trucks and the spending abruptly stopped. Rumor says that the plea deal kept her out of jail. As far as I know, he's still in (been a couple years now) but she has a new fellow living there. Don't know where the kids went. I haven't seen them in the yard in a couple years. Tennis nets fell down, pasture grew up. Porch needs repainting....

    I expect you will see a similar pattern.
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    Last week the cops were looking for our neighbors across the street, but we haven't seen them for the past 2 and a half weeks. Really odd that they've been gone this long.
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    We had a neighbor like that. He didn't have a job for the 18 months he lived here. He was living off of a lawsuit. He had a telescope in an upstairs window and was spying on all of the neighbors. He started a property line dispute with his next neighbor. He filed phony assault charges on his next door neighbor. Every time I changed my oil, he would come over to "say Hi". I think he was trying to catch me dumping oil. My boxer growled at him from 50 yards away once. It turned out he had been arrested 17 times for 2 domestic abuse assault charges and posession of drugs with intent to sell. He had changed his name 4 times. My guess is he was a drug dealer who testified against someone and had to change his name. I sure miss that dog.

    Eventually, the county had his number for filing fraudulant complaints. 18 neighbors testified against him. They sold their house and are not permitted in our neighbor hood for 3 years as part of the settlement with the county.
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    I thought you all would get a kick out of this pot grower, sounds like he got greedy and also got caught using excess power and living on the high side in Florida...
    [ame=""]YouTube - ‪Cave of Weed‬‎[/ame]

    What a waste of a perfectly awesome bunker.
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    Wow thats quite a setup! OMG I could grow so many tomatoes in there....wouldn't that be hilarious if the cops thought you were growing weed and come to find out its just veggies? LOL!!! But yeah, I bet the electric bill was ridiculous...
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    I called the crimestoppers at my local police dept. Whoever's in charge is on vacation, but I left a message. I'm hoping they call back soon. Activity at the house has really picked up in the last week or so, and I've been making a mental note of their regular "customers". My husband mentioned something I'd never considered before-you know how they have a big garage and driveway but always park their cars on the street? Well of COURSE they don't want the drive blocked. The customers pull around the back to pick up the dope!