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    I was just remembering when we were building our house, we made a small bathroom and hooked it up to our septic system (it was nice to not use the bucket and have a shower at the end of the day). Our water was a 300 gal. tank up on the hill. For hot water we had a 100ft. of black hose loosely coiled up in the sun just outside the bath. This provided enough hot water for a couple quick showers until late Nov. (Of course the sun had to be shining and yes it would get hot enough to burn you unless you tempered the hot water)).

    You might keep this in mind if energy become a problem, black hose is a cheap and easy source of hot water.
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    Good idea. I know the water in the garden hose gets pretty hot. You can also put a large pan on the stove for a hot bath (woodstove or kitchen stove).

    Are you talking a standard, garden-sized hose? Or plumbing material?

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    A steel tank (or 55 gallon drum) exposed to the sun will get you hot water too. I am planning a combination of this and a propane-fired 'heat on demand' water heater for my casa. Use the drum water as long as it maintains heat, use the gas in the colder weather.
    The water heater is my biggest electrical drain!
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    I believe we talked about a compost based hot water system a while back but if not here are some ideas for that method, even when the weather starts to get colder...
    [ame=""]YouTube - Compost Heated Shower[/ame]

    And check this out, hot water and methane...
    [ame=""]YouTube - Jean Pain - English - Part 1[/ame]

    Ran across this while searching, pretty cool site...Generate Hot Water with Your Compost Heap
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    Just a standard 5/8 garden hose.
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    More than likely its the 1/2" or 3/4" black plumbing hose. With a y connector and a small cold water source to mix, they could get a comfortable shower. I like this, i have a few ideas for a setup to try. I have access to a crap load of horse crap :) it makes a great compost pile starter that's for sure. It can get real hot fast. My friend is buying 50 acres in the head of no where hot water option is propane, i gota idea for him now. He gona like this one for sure. :2thumb: Thanks.
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    I still love the idea of black-painted food-grade metal drums mounted up high on stilts. A simple solar-powered pump will fill the drums and gravity will give you a nice hot shower.

    Locally, I can get the steel food-grade drums for cheap. The drums are used for concentrated apple-juice and then mixed / bottled at the local bottling plants (we have both Pepsi and CocaCola bottling plants right here). In fact, I work close to the Pepsi Bottling Co. and drive by the Coke-Bottling Co. weekly ...
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    Those camping solar showers also work well at least in the summer. Just lay it out in the sun, and when the water is hot, bring it inside and hang it from the shower bar. They are common and easy to find anywhere that sells camping supplies, for under $20.
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    Here are a few other ideas for making solar hot water:
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    Another more sturdy and permanant idea is to use pvc pipe in small (1 inch) pieces and paint them black and have them go up then a short turn right then down .ect to get the same type of heat but more stable way. (no cord breaking)
    it would lok sort of like this
    | |-| |-|
    |_| |_| |_ (bad drawing but you get the idea)
    |||||(have a main peice of pvc then small branches branching off like a plant)