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Would having a horse be a good investment for preparedness?
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I have had horses most of my life. I'm sure my life would be empty without one. I lost my packhorse to colic last week and it still hurts a little. My old mare(my baby) is 25 years old so she doesn't get rode much and my riding horse is so tall I have to use the tailgate or a stump to get on him. It used to be easy to hop on but I guess I'm getting old. I have learned how to trim and I have put shoes on a few times, just in case there was not enough money to hire a farrier. The price of hay was sky high last year and I don't think hay will drop very much this year. Also I live in a somewhat isolated area, it is 9mi. to the closest store and I always thought a packhorse would be handy in tough times. So I will probably start looking for a replacement soon, maybe a mule this time. A mule would feel right at home with the wifes miniature donkey.
1 - 1 of 46 Posts
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