Hoping for the best, but prepped, in Costa Rica.

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    I’ll start with a bit of background, I moved to Central America in 1990 to build and operate a destination resort. I am exceedingly happy with 20 + years of life here. I love the three generations of socialistic CR government’s health care, obligatory education and the country’s developed infrastructure and policies. These same 1st world benefits have been enjoyed by my family over the years and have been wonderful. As a matter of fact, it’s what good government should be focused on: healthcare, education, roads and self directed renewable energy and clean water. The long term positive impact of these aspects on the local population is impressive.

    Here at the resort we have pure drinking water (3 options of it), organic natural food gardens, dairy cows, and pigs producing manure that permit us to harvest methane gas for the restaurant kitchen’s flat top. Literally tons of fruit falls out of the trees and indigenous potato like vegetables grow wildly for us to eat, and the pigs get the scraps. Food quality and security is at hand, and it’s the most important one if you ask me…. after health.

    Ahhh, then for the icing the CR cake, there is no military. This results in a pleasant, professional, lightly equipped police force. It’s not perfect but what can I say, CR has been the perfect place to live and do business. The best part for sure has been raising my kids here. CR offers a sustainable platform for all residents to live well.

    So where am I going with this? Over the last few years, CR has been a place for many of us to work for future scenarios whatever they may be. I ask all the members whatever your country or nationality to remain positive and diversify your efforts for an ether way scenario.

    Things change, and not always for the better. For us at this point, windsurfing as a destination sport has sadly died. Nevertheless, we have a burgeoning renewable energy educational tourism program going strong. From this transition, I’ve learned that whatever your local economy / job scene may be, remain positive and diversify. It helps.

    I see it possible that CR and USA EU, could have a Japanese style lost decade, les tourists, for sure but In my case, it would mean enough regular tourism continuing. That said I’ve also chosen to prepare for the worst (think Liberia Africa) no USA or EU tourists here. Do you know that the brewery was one of the only businesses to survive the civil war in Liberia. Basically, who ever was in or out of political power, left the brewery alone, which is why we are firing up our own brewery here. Distillation is Gov. realm here, but it’s an excellent skill to have.

    Thanks to George the brewer, Bolio the dairy/cheese and pig man, George the organic gardener, Tom and his wife Rosa at the water sports center and the crew building our green homes. I can’t forget to mention all those interns both from Costa Rican and international who have come wanting to help out, learn something, share or make a go of life in the tropics and in good company. Most expect the best, though a few like us reading / posting here, also prepping for the worst, which brings me to the motive of my post.

    I do hope that the sense of community and neighbors will be actively sought by the members of this on-line community, one may or may not be able to set oneself up as we have here, but one should do there best, and unless you are the Walton’s or other sufficiently wealthy to pay people to do it for you, you can do it by being part of a community and group of people, Tea partiers, or Religion, business connections even hippies whatever, if you cant go it alone, then do it within the context of your community. You can do it on your own … but doing it in coordination with whom you chose to live or communicate with like those on this forum….
    Well ladies and gentlemen that indeed is being prepared.

    Congratulations to all who prep!
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    been there about 15 years ago. should have stayed.

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    :welcome: to the forum

    hope to hear more about your methane recovery/utilization systems
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    Ummmm, I think I'll pass on the national socialism concept. It has NEVER worked on any self sufficient country in history, and it never will. It is contrary to human nature.