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Hopefully this comment, will save some children's lives around North America, an in other places. I don't think you know how bad things really are. So I am homeless myself. Staying in a room right now because of covid-19. I have a self admitted sex offender (pedophile) and a self admitted gang leader in the room next to me. He has done many things to me personally, to convince me, he is what he has admitted to be, around me.

Lets say, all he does, is give advice, to drug addicts, and junkies, and other sex offenders, whom are not convicted yet, of being a sex offender. Including to people like pimps and prostitutes and especially there johns. Many of who are drug addicts and junkies themselves. Those convicted sex offenders have actually gone through all the motions and figured out what works and doesn't work, so well, at getting people now, into prostitution and other serious criminal activities.

He or she, is doing extremely serious things, for the gangs. Groups that attack minors, when they can. They do things to minors (I have personally witnessed this) that are maybe not crimes, but setting up that person for later in life (Bullying, etc). Once no longer a minor, to end up homeless, and then, within easy reach and domination through violence, and other means with the gangs.

They are extremely dangerous to have around. Even if it appears, they are no longer involved in, sexual exploitation, of minors, and young peoples and adults. Literal new prostitutes on the street constantly, to one degree or another. Oh well. Children involved in the gangs in schools as well. Seven or eight years old and involved. Even by talking to your child. That's all it takes because others know an do there thing to then. Just by seeing that happen.

You have to be especially careful if you child is alone or a loner. They make people by bullying for example into loners. Even if they have siblings but they do not have the same friends and such. Both are in extreme danger from these types. Including teachers to, whose partner, or friends career security, depends on always new replacements being around, to justify there careers.

Prostitutes find out whom the real Johns are, that are safe, to sell drugs to, and do other serious crimes with. They will prostitute there own children out, or get them involved, with the very same people, who got them into prostitution. Yours are on the menu to.
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