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    Well that is the project for the weekend.

    Not a large one just a a small one over the lettuce bed. Just to get a little jump start on the cool weather crops.
  2. Halfway

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    How big and what are you using for material Andi? I'm looking at one in the future and still checking out ideas.

    Thanks in advance!

  3. *Andi

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    Small 2 x 5 ...

    I'm going to recycle some stuff I have on hand. Old tent poles for the hoops and I have some heavy gauge plasic left over from the dove house.

    And if I can get an 6 week early start on the lettuce and spinach ...then I will add a larger one (pvc pipe) to extend the harvest. (Warm weather crops)

    It will be nice to add 12 weeks to my growing season.

    Will see.
  4. BasecampUSA

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    You can make your own high or low hoops from lightwall galvanized conduit...

    Quick Hoops

    ...or you could go low-budget and cut tree saplings and bend - lash them together:

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