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Depends, which denomination are you? There's a big difference between an evangelical creationist and a Presbyterian theistic evolutionist
Please try to read, think, post, in that order. Pretty pretty please with sugar on top. It doesn't matter what denomination the O.P is, as they were looking for options not based on religion at all, let alone particular denominations, that aside;

Hey everyone,

We are probably moving out of town to a great 22 acre home place that's primed and ready for everything we want and need. With that, we are in the VERY early stages of researching homeschooling.

The problem is, everything is based on particular denominations. My wife and children are catholic, but we want a curriculum that is not based on biblical teachings. Certainly no offense is intended to anyone who uses that, I understand the reasoning entirely! Anyways, any good sources that don't use the bible?
It was right there in the O.P.

Why would we need religion in school? It's a matter of opinion Although you can obviously talk about god and pray in school, you just can't mandate and force it
Yes, that's why they said;

While as a Christian I think the entire problem is a lack of god in schools.

Why does math, English, history etc need to be hard to find?

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If your just looking for a non-religion curriculum, you might want to look at Texas Tech. They have their own ISD and have homeschool curriculum ( This is the program that we are using and have for several years.

It is not a complex curriculum. But it is self paced and our kids are way ahead of their grade levels. Plus we supplement learning with subjects that the kids are really interested in.

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We use this site for our son in 7th grade.
(Our first year trying it)

It costs us $20 a month, but covers everything.
Up until then I used the Spectrum books that can
be found at Staples, but they only went up to 6th
grade. I would also print off free worksheets along
with those books.

This year he took his 6th grade end of year test,
and when we got the results back he got almost
every question wrong! I thought there was no way
that he did that bad. Turns out Seton sent him an
8th grade test and they used the wrong answer key.
They regraded the 8th grade test, and he was in the
90th percentile.

That made me so proud! :)

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haven't seen Khan Academy mentioned

check it out home school or regular classroom my grandkids use it .. heck I use it .. lost a lot of calculus proficiency over the years brushed up

a little more advanced college level stuff but also free most courses have a fee .. financial aid is available by way of scholarships based on both financial need and/ or you motivation for taking the course.

monthly subscription unlimited courses plus&pmt=e&c3apimn=5ALP3A7N139954893035

great math stuff grand kids love it by primarily adult self education all the courses you ever wanted to take by never had time
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