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    Has anyone here made a radio from scratch? What did you use?
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    I made mine from this [ame]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=skKmwT0EccE[/ame] and it needs no electric power to run. I love free power.

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    There are several books on how to make radios that don't require batteries,
    And even Prisoners Of War during WW I & WW II were able to put together simple receivers...

    With the advent of solar and crank powered radios now on the market, I would consider one of them if it were for an emergency situation.

    If it's just a project, look up a book from the run of the century called 'The Boy Electrician' by Alfred P. Morgan.
    (ISBN 1-55918-164-8)

    Original copyright was 1913 and the last revision was 1940 so all the equipment they show you how to build is very simple by todays standards.
    You will learn a lot of the basics from that book.

    Single 'Cats Whisker' radios or 'Oatmeal Can' radios were popular when kids learned something besides how to watch MTV...

    A Google search for 'Homemade Radio' returned more than 6 million hits! That's crazy!
    Looks like we aren't the only geeks that play with this stuff!

    I just found a web site I'm going to waste HOURS on!


    Here is another one!

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