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    I just got done watching 60 minutes on TV an I can't type for the tears.. Frist off I don't watch much TV so Im sure this kind of stuff has been on before I just didn't see it , but this afternoon was about homeless families there are now, an how many families was living in there cars , or with family , friends or cheep motels . How school busses now makes regural stops at these motels .
    They were talking to children from somewere in Florida an ask how many went to bed hungry an almost every one held up there hands.. This is America an we are dwlinging down to this.:

    I know a few months back I seen were more an more tent citys were going up all over.,I guess tonight was a eye opener for me . I live in rural area with a small town 8 miles away ,an the home less I hear about are mostly drunks an hobo drug addicts who family have kicked them out , but to hear about somany hard working people strudling day by day ???? no words are there to say how I fell.

    Somany times I look at our lives an wonnder how we will make ends meet but after tonight I feel like a millionair. More on this later for I'm just to up set to write .
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    Yes, It's really a shame. And the boys and girls in Washington do nothing substantial about it. BUT, They will make sure that we help other countries by sending over aid and money!!!!! Also, If the boarders were locked, maybe these people could get some jobs....We need to change the way we think....
    Help the USA first!!! AND, if you ain't a citizen, and aren't trying to be...Then GO the F HOME!

    :gaah: :dunno: :surrender:

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    I saw a show about tent citys as well and how there popping up all over the place in this country but you barley ever hear anything about them on the normal news.. The government media dont want you to know how bad it really is out there because you may actually start saving your money other then spending it like they would like you to do.. I feel for them people as well as you but I say do all you can to prepare your family because who knows whats coming.. Cya Slick
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    It's hard huh... it should never happen in the United States of America that someone goes hungry against their will..............when you see it a little bit of guilt rises up.. Compassion rallies.......and hearts are opened to see the new reality of life............. In our town which is small, if you are homeless you usually chose to be....for numerous reasons...drinking and drugs being a big part of that . But to become homeless through no choice of your own is scary and trying to become common... children going to school in socks and sleeping in their clothes is wrong....the church mlust step up and be the answer..............God help us, God help us be light to this confused world...God help us to reach out with mercy, God help us as we try to help others............God........lead us please.. You lead, we'll follow.......show us how to be a light.
  5. BillS

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    It's getting scary out there. Real U-6 unemployment is about 16%. A lot of people have had their unemployment run out. Layoffs are continuing at about 400,000 a week. In May there were less than 60,000 new jobs and half of them were at McDonald's. In time we're going to see a big rise in foreclosed homes and families with no places to go.
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    We're seeing RV parks pop up everywhere. Some folks lost everything else & others are families from other states trying to find jobs. It's really sad. :(
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    Modern day Grapes of Wrath?
  8. rhrobert

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    Yep, and all those citizens watching commercials and sending their money overseas to help the poor and starving....not a thought to our people here at home. Same with adopting children from other countries. What about our children here who need homes? Not good enough?

    I hate Hollywood and everything it stands for. All the actors and actresses who sell their souls to do these commercials, and who adopt foreign children to give them a better life when there is so much and so many who need it right here.

    Yes, it's their right, but they can't find one, not one child good enough in this country?

    Screw you Angelina Jolie, Meg Ryan, Madonna, Ewan McGregor, James Caviezel, Julie Andrews, and the rest....

    Well done to Steven Spielberg, Michelle Pfeiffer, Rosie O'Donnell, Nicole Kidman for adopting children in need in America. While I may not like all of you for differing reasons, I respect you for helping OUR children here at home.
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    I don't understand. Maybe it's different here in PA for some reason.:dunno:

    Employers here are having a hard time finding workers.

    For example, a pallet mill, one of the companies my company does business with finally found 2 job applicants and they both failed their drug tests. Those 2 jobs remain unfilled.

    A friend is a safety director for a small trucking company and he is 10 drivers short -- and that's after going to a job fair! Not far from there is a truck driving school. Their enrollment is nowhere near maximum even tho the gubmint pays the cost of the schooling in many cases.

    Hmmm. Maybe unemployment comp extentions are a two edged sword?
  10. Bigdog57

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    One reason I replaced my ailing small car with a fairly recent model minivan with Stow&Go seats and an eight foot cargo area - heaven forbid if I lose the house, I can 'camp' in the van (and have!). Also have a small utility trailer to carry bike and other 'stuff' on the road. If I end up being a gypsy, it won't be so bad. Just another aspect of prepping.
  11. *Andi

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    The children of America have been lost to red tape and a lot of bull ... My girls are out on their own and my son will be turning 18 in a few weeks.

    I have looked into both adopting children and foster care ... When I ask for the paperwork in foeser care I got a "BOOK". (no joke, 60 some pages to fill out) I also thought the 5 pages on my religion was a little over the top. But it all boils down to my house being to small.

    Then when you look at how much it cost today for a normal person to adopt a child... Well, check into that and see ...

    So for now I help the children of the Lakota Nation ...
  12. beanpicker

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    That show got me to thinking all kind of things, Like we have a rental house just now coming empty. This house was left to Hubby & his Brother from there mother, she died 2009. Our son moved into the house, so these past 2 years we have been worry free with our son paying low rent living there.. But now we are faceing stranger maybe renting the house...
    We are seniors an don't want the hassell of renting an the upkeep ,for rental houses can sure get damaged .. an we allways hear of horror story how some move in an never pay a dime rent later, till you are forced to take them to court an get them threw out.
    This house would of sold easy 5 years ago in the 80 thousand, now we would be lucky if offer 30 thousand. an even then nothing is selling . We know of a real estate agent in town an he said they used to sell like 150 houses a month, how they don't have 150 houses in 3 months, an even lots of house here are setting empry with rent signs out front..
    But I for the life of me wish I knew of a family who would take care of the place an could pay low rent , to help us pay insurance an taxes, just to help them an help us keep some one in the place... I have thought of going to a couple churches an asking pastors of people in need but at this point we just don't know what to do, try to sell or try to rent???
  13. power

    power ExCommunicated

    My experience with that type of deal was a disaster. I tried it 3 times.

    1st. time was a neighbor who had lost his home to foreclosure. He asked to rent a house I had. He seemed a nice person. I let him move in with no deposit and pay 50% less rent than the house would have rented for. The house was fully furnished and all utilities were on and in my name.
    Shortly after he moved in he brought in a woman to live with him. She brought in her 2 grown kids, one with a child of her own. Someone decided to change the color of the carpet in one room so they spray painted it.
    They moved in a pool in the back yard and filled it then failed to pay the water bill. They decided they didn't need the AC in the winter so sold the system. They drove a loaded dump truck over the spetic lines and septic tank. They decided they didn't like some of the trees so cut them down leaving 3ft stumps. They accidentally burned my barn down.
    When I was finally able to get them out they owed 6 months back rent. They left large bills for the utilities in my name. They also took all of my furniture when they left.

    Be very careful who you decide to rent to.
  14. rhrobert

    rhrobert Happy in the hills

    Sorry, look at how much they "paid" for their children from overseas. The cost is higher.

    Regardless, good for you on helping the Lakota Nation. Last I checked they were still physically located in the US.

    My wife said if we ever win the lottery she is building a homeless shelter for families. Of course we'd have to actually play the lottery for that to happen :) For now, we're happy to provide a meal for someone who needs it.
  15. Immolatus

    Immolatus Just getting started. Always.

    Meanwhile, where I am now on the Potomac River at my (hopefully!) BOL, they are working on a 10 year project to restore the C&O canal tow path along the river. I dont want to look up the cost.
  16. Frugal_Farmers

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    My heart goes out to the inocent children of this epic crisis in America. They have no control over their situations.

    We take excess produce from our garden to a local food bank to share with those less fortunate.

    Sure, I have mixed emotions about providing a "handout" and there is a small portion of people who will abuse the generosity of others but, I still hold out for hope for those who have lost everything due to circumstance beyond their control.

    25 percent of the folks in our county are offically below the poverty line. Sad to see that the children have to experience this.
  17. *Andi

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    Here is to :beercheer: you and yours winning the lotto ...

    Here is to my daughter :beercheer: that thinks a little boy in some far off land need her help.

    And here is to the Lakota nation :beercheer: ... You would be surprised at the number of people that slam me for helping them out.

    And last but not least, here is to :beercheer: the freedom we have to spend our money helping the people 'We wish to help' ...
  18. power

    power ExCommunicated

    Thanks for helping when you can. Just wish I could be as good of a person.
    Sure wish there were a lot more like you.
  19. Jimmy24

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    I work a soup kitchen once a month. If it wasn't for the place there are a lot of "seasoned" citizens that would go without.

    Don't know what it is now, but just a few years ago it was said that 80% of the population of the USA were 3 paychecks from homelessness.....

  20. Dixie

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    and nine meals from Anarchy