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Discussion in 'General Preparedness Discussion' started by tazzzo, Feb 3, 2010.

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    Could any one help with a security problem. I would like to hook up a motion detector that is pet sesitive up to 40 lbs. All I need it to do is set off a horn or siren when triped. Thanks Tim
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    I'm not sure what your asking. Do you want something that WILL NOT be set of by a pet? If so try setting the "heigth" of the detector up from the floor/ground to a level above the pets heigth. There are several companies that manufacture equipment to fit such a "basic" level of security. However As a prior security installer/consultant I reccomend you get a Higher level of security. You can always start with a "basic" system and "build up" from that. I started with a basic DSC system ( motion detector, smoke/fire sensor, door sensors/window sensors) and built from there. I added additional motion sensors, glass break sensors,heat/infared sensors, standard external video monitors covert hidden internal cameras, entry/exit monitor ( door bell/buzzer has camera so I can see who is at the door as well as talk to them to see if I want to answer the door or let them in. I can also "buzz" someone in from the panel if I want to without going to the door. If you are interested I will PM you some contacts I have if you want to check some costs and/or get some options. Just let me know.