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Home Heating Choices

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So, last night made me think.

It was very cold outside.

Our propane service said they would be coming to fill our tanks this week - and it looks like they did NOT because we ran out of propane on the coldest night of the winter.

We are in North Carolina - so it does not normally get this cold, but I am guessing it was around 11 degrees.

I pulled out two space heaters, that I thought would do the trick - until THE POWER WENT OUT.

We were stuck using the fireplace, which everyone knows is not energy efficient. Most of the heat went up the chimney... it did help a little... but not much.

I was told, that our chimney pipe cannot handle a wood burning stove... when it was put in, it was hooked up to propane... I had it switched over so we could burn wood.

I am tired of dealing with the propane company. What are your experiences with home heating, and what do you suggest?
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Maybe now you can appreciate why it seems so many babies are born in September and there abouts? Eleven degrees? GREAT cuddling weather!
Night time, no LPG and no power? Basically, you're rapidly running out of options, I know I'm preaching to the choir here, but there it is. Esssentially, you have two realistic choices, wood or coal although the Irish and Scots seem to have done middling well with peat? Of course, even the most fervent Celt has converted over to gas of some kind now. Of course, I will not mention the fuel of choice for the Plains Indians since I suspect bison are fairly rare in North Carolina? Certainly not in the millions casually dropping little nuggets of fuel where ever they roam.
Of course, whatever back-up system(s) you adopt will depend on your local resources and capitol but after spending sixteen years in Northern WI heating cabins and a drafty old farm house with nothing but wood, I can assure you that the old adage about wood warming you twice is indeed accurate and if done correctly, can actually warm many more times than only twice! And as a slightly flippant aside here, when the Mister swings an ax all day long, there is the lusty dusty lumberjack mentality that often comes out which seems to me at least to be preferable to the filthy coal miner personality.
Wait a minute! North Carolina? Maybe you can get access to bales of unsaleable cured and dried tobacco as a fuel? Enough sillinesscity from me.
Basically, I see only coal or wood to be your logical choices with my personal preference being wood, but I'm stuck in a rut here. There are tons of options for indoor stoves and exterior heating plants if you use hot water to heat your home but certainly, only an inside wood or coal burner will work in a grid down situation unless you have a perfect set up and some clever engineering. Good luck!
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