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Home Heating Choices

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So, last night made me think.

It was very cold outside.

Our propane service said they would be coming to fill our tanks this week - and it looks like they did NOT because we ran out of propane on the coldest night of the winter.

We are in North Carolina - so it does not normally get this cold, but I am guessing it was around 11 degrees.

I pulled out two space heaters, that I thought would do the trick - until THE POWER WENT OUT.

We were stuck using the fireplace, which everyone knows is not energy efficient. Most of the heat went up the chimney... it did help a little... but not much.

I was told, that our chimney pipe cannot handle a wood burning stove... when it was put in, it was hooked up to propane... I had it switched over so we could burn wood.

I am tired of dealing with the propane company. What are your experiences with home heating, and what do you suggest?
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my 22 1/2 cents

I would like to check to see how expensive replacing our existing chimney would cost... I am sure it would be a pretty penny. :rolleyes: However, it could be worth it if we do not have to pay for propane anymore.... we have quite a bit of wood, we even use it in our fireplace - however - like I said before, half of the heat goes right up the chimney.
Hi check out A kerosene heater 1 will heat 500 square feet easy at 10 outside to 65 inside in a board and batten building with very little insulation This is the cheapest quick fix look them up on the web start them outside and shut them down outside that is when they smoke nearly burn clean not like grand Pas type use them in woods.. next if you have access to denatured alcohol you can use a alcohol heater and stove with or without blowers use the one on the sailboat all the time Boats used to come with them only next if you have a place for another chimney for a wood stove that wood be cheaper than stainless sleeve in you chimney fireplace I would prefer the sleeve and add a steel insert with a heat-a-la-tor with a blower attachment that is 12 volt dc / 110volt ac it will work without the blower and depending on the insert you can get them with a small stove top kinda like a odd shaped 2 burner ah last but not least solar heater make one could be a low cost one like the one I made for a line shack in the forest it is 2 ft x 6 ft glass top and when the sun is out even when nobody is there it puts out heat I used a non low e dual pane window and at 30 outside hopefully warmer inside it will put out 100-190 degree heat with a 2inch x 14 inlet and outlet a small 5 watt fan helps the output but you lose temp rise but hey its cheap heat and the bears have never tore it up yet
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my 22 1/2 cents

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