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    Santa dropped a home gym for us.......2 days later I have it together
    Now to just to make sure we stay at it only goes to 100lbs but it has all the attachments.

    HAve it set up in basement by TV so I can watch n work out I think if I make a game of it with kids it will get more use! see who can do most reps ....We have all put on afew pounds in last couple of years expect the 15 yr old who is now growing into his weight and working out...If I do not kep up he will whip my butt.

    Bought at wally world not that expensive seems to work well just a major pain in the A$$ to put together had to walk away a few times.
    Realized how out of shape I am when the Harley wouyldn't start after getting gas pushed it 1 mile home took me 10 min to catch my breath. :cry:
    L8R RR
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    DW and I joined a gym here shortly before Christmas. I've posted before and won't elaborate here about the elyptical that I have here at home, but this particular chain of gyms offers membership for $10 per month and is relatively close to our home. It's BORING working out in my basement (no TV there) and I just have the one machine. Now I can run on a treadmill, work my arms/abdomen, and there are plenty of TV's and radio to plug into with my headphones.

    Good move getting a gym set and being concerned with your physical well being-if you ever have to fight or hoof it, it's best to be ready. It's not personal training-it's personal prepping. Your body is your mind's way of keeping itself alive...remember that and you'll go do a couple reps now and then instead of sacking out on the couch with a bag of snacks.
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