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Hey folks!

I am very glad I found this forum. Thank you for being here.

It has been my goal for years to have my own homestead and in light of current economic and political stressors I am becoming a bit of a survivalist, preparing for the time the SHTF.

I am paying on a house on a mountain here in the 4 corners with my wife. We live on an acre of pine forest in a county and region that is very sensible with lots of uses of the natural resources around us. The people are fairly politically aware and the community very much looks out for everyone. It is lovely place.

The current times are rather wild, don't you think? Whether it is the socio-political atmosphere, the spiritual/metaphysical fears that 2012 will bring us something outside of the norm, or just living life as it is meant to be by providing much of ones comforts for themselves rather than importing it, my wife and I are seeking to be more independent and prepared.

My wife has amazing talents as an ER nurse. My emergency medical needs are taken care of with her skill and stockpile of medical provisions. She brings so much to the survival table that I would probably perish if and when the SHTF.

I have skills in brewing (newbie), distilling, some fabricating (thanks to my art background), organic high and low tech gardening, native plant identification, and the ability to assimilate information and apply it (jack of all trades, master of nothing).

What I hope to accomplish here, which I have done somewhat in the course of an afternoon, is to learn more about how to be self sufficient. The main topics of interest that I wish to learn:

1 - Alternative energy sources
2 - Food stores (canning, stockpiling, water purification, etc...)
3 - Survival techniques (urban and backcountry)
4 - Bug-Out vehicles: types, upgrades and maintenance
5 - Shelter and storage
6 - Weapons selection, procurement, and usage for personal security

What I can bring to the table:

1 - Alternative medicine knowledge
2 - Organic gardening
3 - Creative problem solving
4 - Brewing and Distillation (as I learn and apply it)

I hope to get to know you all and that we can exchange information amicabley. I look forward to your posts and responses.

Thanks again for being here. It means a lot.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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