Hoax we already knew about

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    interesting read.

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    When the "global warming" scare started up, I started researching everything that I could about it. From the reports I read from scientists who were bucking the trend, they were saying that the sun was creating the "greenhouse gases" naturally and what we were seeing as for the increase was due to naturally occuring chemical reactions due to the suns influence.

    Also read that 100 years of industrial "greenhouse gases" produced does not even come close to the amount created naturally (volcano, algae, bovine, etc) ... I have lots of links of information that I have collected over the years and printouts of many of them as well ... all pointing towards the sun as the primary source for global warming and cooling ...

    Here is a great writeup describing how the sun's influence is key:

    Intellicast - This Week in Weather

    BTW: It also describes that we should be heading into a global cooling period on the borderline of being an ice-age - possibly even the first ice-age in the last thousand years ..

    Second report on Dalton Minimum
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    I will believe in global warming when Al Gores primary transportation vehicle is a Smart Car or a Nano!:nuts:In the mean time I am planning on harvesting my Oak trees and planting coaconut palms :2thumb: I visualize a hammock swinging between two of them and one of those fancy drinks with an umbrella.:D
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    My ex held every word out of Al Gores mouth as Gospel. :nuts: Drove me crazy.
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    Ouch... At least it's over.