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    We looked into that printer about this time last year and found a LOT of negative feedback on the unit itself. Lots of breakdowns and mediocre print quality.
    Haven't looked at them since then. Maybe improvements have been made. :dunno:
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    I have an older all-in-one (5300 series) that I bought from Woot® : One Day, One Deal for $40 refurbed, and have nothing but good things to say about it... then again, 98% of the time I am printing text with the rapidprint setting
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    I wouldn't suggest anything other then a LaserJet or similar. InkJet type printers use way too much ink.

    I got a Konica Minolta office printer. This model is designed for a large office printing hundreds or thousands of pages a day. Toner cartridges are expensive but go a looonnnnnggggg way. When I got it, there was about 20% toner left and I've printed about 4,000 pages and it still has plenty of toner left.

    When buying paper, consider getting it with 3-hole punch. That allows you to put it in binders.
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    I have to agree with the recommendation for a laser printer... and if you can afford it, get a printer that does automatic duplex printing (prints on both sides). It'll take about half the paper for those longer documents.

    Another advantage of laser over ink is that it will survive getting wet. Some ink does OK, others dissolve pretty fast and becoming illegible. Of course the better inks will cost more.

    A month or so ago I had the opportunity to upgrade my printer at work and went with the HP CP2025DN which is a color laser with duplex capability. HP Color LaserJet CP2025dn Printer | HP® Official Store. It has worked very well so far for the prep type documents that I've run off of it. I haven't had to replace toner yet but I'm sure that won't be cheap. Since it is my employers printer I do give accounting a few dollars for petty cash every so often for my personal usage of it. They seem quite fine with that arrangement. The printer itself is on special right now for $349. I'd really have to see if it would be worth that much for me to buy it personally but even if I decided against that I'd still look for at least some reasonably priced laser.
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    I have a couple of laser printers and several ink-jet printers. I prefer the laser as I can easily print-out 10,000 pages for low cost and even if the paper gets damp, the ink will not smudge.

    Ink-jets are good for pretty color pictures, but, get a little bit of moisture on them and the pages are ruined quickly.
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    The U.S. government is the real terrorist
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    A ittle trick to save money...

    When I was doing office work, we used the big HP Laserjets for all our printing (but only in black ink). The lifespan of the $140 cartridge was approximately 5,000 sheets. We found that if we set the print quality to "Draft" quality, we could extend the cartridge life to 15,000 sheets! Not only did we save money, but the work printed faster and often looked better than the "High Quality" output setting work. :2thumb:

    If you can find one, don't overlook the older dot matrix printers. They are slower, and noisier, but they use a relatively inexpensive ribbon, and can produce a decent quality document. We used Epson printers that would go through a 3,000 sheet box of fan fold paper every week. They looked like they were going to fall apart at any moment, but you just couldn't kill them! :)
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    I work from home and I can expense my office supplies, but my boss keeps asking me why I use so much ink and paper. :D
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    Just bought a 2 GB external drive.:D

    Anybody remember the packet radio fad a few years back?there's still old style satellite dishes that can be had for the cost of carting the damn thing away!:D

    If you can ping a com-sat,you can transmit data!
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    While I have not yet printed much off due to ink costs, I do copy past any articles that I want to a word pad file on my computer so even if they do shut down the internet I still have a copy on my computer it self and I often back the files up to a flash drive that I have. If/when they shut down the internet I will know to get the printer from the daughter asap and proceed to hard copy all that I want. Assuming that we also still have power. The neighbor has a huge generator for his business that is on wheels and locked in his garage so I may be able to use it to charge the freezers and print off things SHTF.
    But quite frankly I have been buying the books with the info I am interested in and learning/memorizing as much as I can cram in.