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History Channel production

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This YouTube video is from History Channel - it is just one possibility of what might be coming our way in the near or far future. After watching the video, please discuss what you think about it ...

Part 1 of 9 linked here to get you started

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I had already watched it on the TV

smart people will stay in their homes,out of sight and well armed,nothing like a few bodies laying on the door step to discourge others from trying to come in. If people haven't organized and prepared by now, they never will.

people trying to drive out of cities will not make it as all the gas will be gone before they wake up.Most people don't top off their tank at night, just look at any gas station at 6 AM. millions can't even have a coffee in the morning til the local donut shop or convenient store opens.That's how well they're prepped

there will be no forging along the way, people who live along the way will have already taken everything of any value

People will not get 3 miles out of any city, there's not a city in America that has any small roads to leave on, every str,rd goes into an interstate or a four lane hyway.A city like NY is really shafted as there is no way out without crossing a bridge, so any city ,even Kansas city,Memphis that has a bridge will be shut down easy.Even with no one panicking, all cities are tied up every rush hr, then if there's one accident or someone runs out of gas, the rd is shut down.
I think 40%, maybe more will die or be killed within a month or less, then there's all the people in prisons, over 2 mill, the nursing homes and hospitals, probably over 30 mil, all the people on food stamps,welfare ect, you know none of those people are prepared for even the next meal.They'll be heading for the government offices looking for their entitlements.

There are too many people who trust LEOs, big mistake, they're hired to do one thing and it's not to help you,most are just tax collectors with a badge trying to catch you breaking a law to get your money and the S hasn't even HTF. Just look back at NO and that wasn't even nation wide Armageddon, most will be using their badges to get of dodge with their families or to take advantage of the situation.

Americans is in big trouble as we've let the mass transit systems go, at one time there was a buss or train line to every town in the country, they're gone as have the family farms.
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We live a few hrs north of Los Angeles between the cities and greener pastures further north of us. I figure those that made it out of the city will be looking to restock about the time they get to us. So dealing with roving bands of looters is in the plan. I don't know that I am ready, but I did plan for it. :peep::club:

As far as the video I have seen it also and think it is pretty much spot on.
We live a few hrs north of Los Angeles between the cities and greener pastures further north of us. I figure those that made it out of the city will be looking to restock about the time they get to us. So dealing with roving bands of looters is in the plan. I don't know that I am ready, but I did plan for it. :peep::club:

As far as the video I have seen it also and think it is pretty much spot on.
I wouldn't worry to much, like I said, Gas will have to go first so any people who do make it to your place will be right on their knees looking for water and not a fight.

Just the real clever survivors will make it out of the cities and if they stay out of sight til the dust settles down and then they may have to fight the law, the national guard, the drug freaks, the gangs. the first 2 will probably have their hands full with the last 2 if they do stay on the job, but many cops are also NG. The smart people will wait and see who comes out on top.

I figure anyone who makes it to my place will be made welcome til I talk to them and see what their attitude is,No sence in starting a fight if it's a family just looking to survive, we may consider taking them in as there is more strength in numbers. It would all depend on how they act and what we see in them as they'll be watched and listened to like a hawk.
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Interestin show, watched the whole thing. I agree with most a it.

As far as our plans, out here, were gonna have a few folks, but in that situation most a the populace gonna be gone. Were plannin on hunkerin down an that be what were preppin for. There also be a alternative plan if we really have ta leave.

We got alotta resources round this area if ya know where ta look, always take note a anythin that could be usefull during a disaster. Were a major shippin point fer ethanol, fuels, oils, grains an freight so there resources what could be available in the beginin. Then, seeins were such a agricultural area, would be able ta grow food if an when needed. Be enough folk round here what would throw tagether in times a need to protect a decent small community.

One thing I'm workin on be the alternative medicines, be our weakest spot right now, but we know that an er gonna try an fix it.

Hopin fer the best, preppin fer the worst I guess.
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thought provoking ...

I agree with most of the video ... but I must say I had never heard that about the kids ... WOW! :eek: But if you think about it (which I had never done) it makes sense.

Thanks for posting, NaeKid.

I think it helps when one looks at different points of view.
I remember watching this on TV. From my conservative/prepper viewpoint I found it amusing. Perhaps this was due to my upbringing. Then I suggested to my employees with hurricane season coming that they should make sure they have food in the house. I was surprised at the excuses. It will only be a matter of time before they get smacked with reality.
It still seems like every time I read a story or see a video about SHTF there is something new to think about. keep the info comming I guess thats why we call it prepping , not prepped :beercheer:
Thanks for posting that. I had not seen it before and I watched the whole thing. It was interesting to see the chain of events, it was almost exactly how I envisioned the breakdown of society. They should have show the riots and the lack of Police Power due to armed citizens just not caring due to protecting and feeding their family.
This will happen now that were on the downward curve of fuel production.
Were buying horses and will soon be making or own wagons.........
I think it is time to give this bump up ...


(Alright I just wanted to use this smilie ... :rolleyes:)
Watched this way back when it came out. A lot of truth. What I didn't like was that in a flu pandemic I see far more chaos. The sick with nowhere to turn because of full hospitals and no cure would be hobbling around while healthy people would be killing them for their own health. Gangs would be far more hesitant to start going house to house when there is the strong possibility of a death sentence behind every kicked down door. Then again it's all hypothetical. That's a crazy situation. I hope if I die from some crazy flu that some down on their luck preppers stumble onto my place.
Thanks for the link, I watched them all and feel that I am so not ready. I have started a few months ago and have enough food for 4-6 weeks now so a long way to go. I have added all kinds of items we would need in case utilities stop. I live next to big stream, have well water, in the woods some what away from others. My plan is to bug in but my house can't be defended well. There is access from all sides. So I have been adding items for BOB's but after seeing this the biggest problem is where to go.

Every time I make a few steps forward I see a video like this and feel so far behind, or feel that we will never survive. As shown in the video there are so many threats.

Thanks for the OP for posting up and thanks for the bumps. I've emailed the video link to a few folks that need to see it.
For those of you with Comcast (and I am sure other carriers for cable tv), After Armageddon is available "On Demand" under the History Channel.

Watching now...
Saw this a while back. I really thought this was the most realistic representation of what could happen. Well put together with really excellent expert explanation of what could be expected.

Also made me glad we do not live near any major cities like LA, Chicago, or others. More glad we do not even live inside our own metro area in this region.
Saw that a while back. Definitely an eye opener. Here is the link to the full video (no separate parts)

Trouble is that as a med tech the guy died from a cut, remember when you have cuts do dishes in hot sudsy water will do wonders on cleaning them up. I work with Hydrolic oil at work and almost all of my cuts become infected at some point, I do dishes to clean them up, and it does wonders, simple medicine.
I have to agree that their focus on a tiny easily treatable cut as cause of death was somewhat out there. I think that they were trying to explain how a simple thing could bring a person down because of the lack of simple medicines in a SHTF scenario (meaning...plan ahead with some antibiotic creams and medicines if at all possible).

However, let me tell you a story about simple things becoming serious fast. I was 17 and was having trouble with eczema on my hands. Seemed everything was giving me this horrible rash between by fingers, which of course itched like crazy and was oozy and raw. Shampoo, soap, even seemed water was causing it. Also seemed nothing done for it made it go away.

This had peaked and within a couple of days, those little blisters normally just itchy and clear were infected and it spread rapidly. My hands had both become seriously infected, on its way to being septic. I spent the next two weeks soaking my hands in epsom salt water laced with betadine for 10 minutes at a time three times a day (thanks to an old family osteopathic doctor). My body got rid of that infection without antibiotics, but it could have easily become worse since it had so rapidly spread.

The tiny cut scenario was not far off, I can attest to that. However there is always some way to combat it and if the guy was supposed to be a med tech he would have known, though others may not have (maybe that was their focus).

My lesson, keep epsom salts and betadine around. I know now from my experience it would be a lifesaver.
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