Hillary Clinton signs UN small arms treaty

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    US Senate Candidate Rob Taylor calls for No Action on UN Treaties

    The United Nations is a favorite weapon used by left-leaning activists to launch stealth attacks on American interests. Over the years, leftist ideologues have tried to empower the U.N. to govern our right to fight just wars and the right to control our own pollution standards. And now this steadily advancing treaty seeks to govern our right to bear arms.

    President George W. Bush refused to involve America in any aspect of the U.N. Gun Ban treaty. But the government's position changed when Obama gave Secretary of State Hillary Clinton the green light to begin the negotiation process.

    The risk to American foreign policy interests are unacceptable if the Obama administration decides to make us a party to the treaty. It would destroy our ability to provide arms to non-governmental groups or other nations as we see fit. American businesses would also have their ability to do business in overseas markets destroyed.

    The bigger issue for gun rights activists is the treaty's threat to the the right of Americans to buy guns for self-defense and sport. Foreign companies that offer great firearms at a lower cost could lose their ability to sell in America, and the flow of gun parts or accessories from overseas could be shut off.

    One phrase in the treaty is key to how all this could happen. Being a party to the treaty requires all signatory states to have the "highest possible standards" in place to keep guns out of the hands of terrorists and criminals.

    You can bet anti-gun forces armed with such a legal provision would find a way to use it as a reason to further regulate gun purchases. Under those circumstances, any statistical lie, no matter how far fetched, could be used as an excuse. For example, the unfounded claim that 90% of guns seized from violent Mexican drug cartels originate in the United States would provide support for harsh gun restrictions on U.S. citizens.

    Under the guise of international cooperation, President Obama could try to use the legally binding provisions to shift blame to the U.N. for new anti-gun regulations, arguing that he has no choice but to follow the treaty.

    Worse, the Heritage Foundation's assessment of the small arms treaty brings up a horrifying proposition that the theory of "international norms" means the U.S. might be bound by the treaty even if we never sign on.

    Basically, once the small arms treaty is accepted by enough nations, the argument can be made that the provisions have become accepted practice and therefore binding on all nations. Based on that logic, America is hurt by the U.N. treaty whether we are a party to it or not.

    Such a vague and ill-defined set of circumstances is exactly the type of Trojan horse President Obama needs as cover to inflict his dream of an anti-gun utopia on America.

    It is therefore incumbent upon liberty-minded people everywhere not only to oppose American involvement in the treaty, but also to oppose the mere existence of such a treaty.

    Barack Obama is the most anti-gun president in history and his anti-gun views are a threat to gun rights. If he can destroy the right to bear arms while cozying up to the U.N., without paying a political price, he will surely do so.

    Evidently,President Oboingo will be by shortly to pickup your guns.
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    Now it starts.....

    Everybody has talked about how Americans are buying ammo like there's no tomorrow. There's articles about the fear that Obama might start to take away our guns being the reason. Well, now it's started and I'm sure that given Obama's track record he has plans that he won't tell us but will kill the 2nd amendment through the back door. Tossing out the constitution and changing America for the worst is par for the course now.

    U.S. reverses stance on treaty to regulate arms trade | Reuters

    Read the comments on this article and see what people think about Obama's plans.

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    They can sign that garbage if they want to. Won't mean a hat full of crap to me. Just call me canon fodder i guess. :dunno: They know what that would mean, their not quite that confident yet. Someday but not yet. :(
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    :gaah: Whats next, food supply!
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    Amen, brother. :congrat: Cold, dead hands ring a bell? ;):D I know a lot of folks (including me) who are of this mind-set. :sssh:

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    That wouldn't surpise me even a little bit. There are rumors floating the 'net about "food shortages" even when we are getting bumper-crops. If I was wearing my tinfoil-hat, I would say that there is a conspiracy (ever notice that word looks like Con and Piracy - someone tryin' to con you out of something and if that doesn't work, then they'll pirate it outta ya) afloat to try to turn-on a riot so that the high-n-mighties can "squash-it-like-a-bug" and put more laws into place to limit our God-given freedoms (not the government-given ones).
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    There have been bill's introduced that would control the growing and selling or even trading of local produce. That would even mean the mater in the bucket on the porch, for your safety of course. Well this was floating around a while back. With all the crap they are and have done so far, it's not a stretch to believe that at all. I,am very fustrated that what they have shoved down our throat's so far has not got much of a burp from more people. Government given freedoms aren't worth shat. We know who dole's them out.
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    kyfarmer, it brings to mind a members sig line- "Sheeple, gotta love 'em" or something to that effect. :D

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    Don't know why but when I read this, the words "make my day" popped in my head.
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    Like stated the push to get us to react will stay steady. I would not doubt if the marshallaw declartion isn't in his back pocket evrywhere he go's. All for now is to wait there are signs that they are self destructing now. The latest votes show most are tired of their bull crap. Maybe America will wake up in time, i hope so. There will be a lot of damage to repair from the crap that has been done so far. They are still a little hope yet maybe?
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    I hope you are referring to the government in general and it's history since say post WWII or before. Things did not get this bad in just the time Obummer has been in office, it started long before that.
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    I think I'll add a mill to my lathe, then I'll be able to make anything out of metal.;)