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I wanted to let anybody know about this bag in case your looking for a good bag for backpacking or for your B.O.B. (I use mine for both).

I have some S.O.A time so I'll be as specific as I can with the review.

Inside the main compartment I have- 2 days worth of clothes for 2 people, heavy winter gloves, and 2 pairs of small mitts, plus 2 vitamin bottles filled with water.

Inside the top compartment- various medical supplies (anitbiotic ointment, bandages, gauze, ice pack, etc.), Duct tape, some nutritional supplements, work gloves, paracord, and some misc. food.

Inside the bottom compartment- Basically I use this for food. It has 2 military grade MREs, a home-made MRE, a ungodly sized nutrition bar, a pot, MSR pocket rocket stove, one can of jetboil propane fuel, and 2 Mountain House backpacking meals (p.s. if your looking for good backpacking meals Mountain House is amazing in terms of freeze-dried foods. I love their scrambled eggs and bacon).

Inside the "H20 Bladder" part- I don't really like bladders on my packs, I don't know why, just bugs me out a bit. So I have some misc. MRE snacks and such in it.

As far as comfort the bag is comfortable after a little pad modification. I went out and bought some velcro pads for the shoulders (But I've done this with every bag i've owned). The thing I love comfort wise about the bag is that everything is so easy to adjust on the fly. The shoulder adjustments do tend to slip away but after some tying you can fix that issue.

All in all a great bag. I looked at amazon's website and their prices actually seem a little high for the bag. so maybe shop around a bit.

Quick look-ups mentioned in the review

High Sierra Summit 45 Frame pack- High Sierra Summit 45 Frame Pack: Sports & Outdoors

Jetboil fuel- Jetboil JETPWR-100G Fuel

Home-made MRE- basically just search for em on youtube. Basically just grab some small sized sem-long shelf life food that you can fit in a vacuum sealed bag and voila. (a good MRE should always contain a book of matches)

MSR Pocket Rocket Stove- MSR Pocket Rocket Stove: Sports & Outdoors (Side note, I've used alot of MSR products most of them have been outstanding)

Mountain House backpacking Meals- Mountain House Scrambled Eggs with Bacon: Sports & Outdoors
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