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Hidden/Safe Room

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Does anybody have a hidden room or closet in their house and is willing to admit it? I'd like to have a hidden closet for emergency storage. I think it would be more cost effective than a LARGE safe. Any ideas for how to hide the entrance and features to include? I think I would include a safe mounted in the floor and covered with a panel or rug. I may include a small wall safe as a decoy. Sturdy shelf space would be a must as well.

If I'm not home, I don't want people to find/get my stuff.
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CVORnurse - A tape measure can tell you, or maybe a look from above from your attic. Don't forget to account for wall thicknesses. Typically 4.5". My dad has about 6" between his bathroom and behind a built in desk, but it's not very usable except as a wire run area for aux lighting. You might could store some guns in there if you can build an access door.

My dad frames custom homes and he has put in hidden rooms before. I'll have to ask him how they hid the opening. It wouldn't be too hard to hide a door in the back of a cedar lined closet. Wood paneling could work as well. I think sheetrock wouldn't be solid enough to work with and hold up to long term use.

Power outlets, a small night light, and insulation for sound deadening would be nice.
SNAFU - That's a nice bench.
you can always build furniture with hidden spaces --with a little thought you can hide firearms -both handguns and long guns.....I've built many for myself and others. You can either make built in units like bookcases , jelly cupboards, even bathroom vanities.
I like that idea. I've been trying to figure out how to build a headboard with his/hers LED reading lights, electrical outlets for charging cell phones/clocks, and lockable or hidden drawers for pistols. The top may even lift up for a shotgun.
I didn't realize that "Blast From the Past" was loosely based on a true story. The movie has Brendan Frazier, Christopher Walken, Sissy Spacek, and Alicia Silverstone. The movie is hilarious.
I've thought about having a tunnel between my hidden room and a nearby detached shop/garage. I could use the tunnel as part of my cooling system. The ground could preheat/cool the air going into the house. The temperature in the tunnel would be pretty consistant. It would be a great place for storage. It would be a great tornado shelter. I need to build this place one of these days.
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