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Hidden/Safe Room

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Does anybody have a hidden room or closet in their house and is willing to admit it? I'd like to have a hidden closet for emergency storage. I think it would be more cost effective than a LARGE safe. Any ideas for how to hide the entrance and features to include? I think I would include a safe mounted in the floor and covered with a panel or rug. I may include a small wall safe as a decoy. Sturdy shelf space would be a must as well.

If I'm not home, I don't want people to find/get my stuff.
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One of my buildings has a 10’ by 15’ hidden storage room that the roof is 15’ under ground. The door is inside the basement to our garage where we have our long term good storage. In the main storage room there are 2 large gun safes so I’m sure if some one was looking that they would stop there.
1 - 1 of 47 Posts
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