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    I just found this forum. Way cool. My family just sold our home. We are getting ready to build. I have been looking into being self sufficient. We have a few homes with solar panels around. Some bigger cities near us have just put in some windmills. I have just been trying to get some ideas of what would be best. We have also been interested in some nomad living type situations also. We bought a 5th wheel trailer some time ago thinking if something bad does happen we can live out of it where ever we end up. It hasn't worked the best because it doesn't go everywhere we want to go, doesn't hold the heat. Just isn't efficient for survival situations. I actually just ran upon a website for "Range Camps". Anyone ever heard of such a thing? They are newer versions of the sheep camps the old timers used for their hearders to live in all summer while their sheep stayed on the mountains feeding. The ones I found have solar panels, some water storage, propane lights and wood/coal burning stoves to cook and heat with. Let me know if anyone knows anything about them or how they would be to live in for extended amounts of time.
    Anyway, cool site. Looking forward to reading all about what is available for self sustainable living. I am afraid we will need to be ready for this in the near future. Times are definately headed in a bad direction.
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    I have a few friend that have converted a enclosed pull trailers for hunting rigs.They were just stripped enclosed trailers they rigged themselves. The basic, water, heat, bunk beds. The outside had water points for general use, propane heat, and 12 volt. They attached skid plates on the underside with small tires on the back cormers. They could be pulled almost anywhere. The storage on top had alot of opps gear(jet stoves, small wood heaters the like). The 4 of them would go out west and stay in this thing for a month or so at a time. They built it mostly out of all used parts from wrecked campers. One even stripped the bottom out of a hourse trailer and refit it. All were good friends and were always comming up with something.
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    welcome..on the 5th wheel you have..you should be able to live in that unless you are in the most severe conditions..I lived in a full sized school bus for a Fall and winter in upstate NY..Ive lived in a 25' camper here in TN for 3 yrs before I bought my house..I recently purchased a 16' camper (13' living area) and will use that in an emergency..Ive build extra shelves etc etc in it..its one that didnt come with any AC or heat..I put a small 110v ac and heater in it..now yours Im sure is more modern and has the creature comforts..my main gripe would be the cold, but wear the longjohns and a sweater and its good enough...if nothing else they are a roof to sleep under and some protection...stick one of those small wood stoves in it even..they have some that are small enough that you can burn the wood that falls off dead trees ..small branches and limbs that you can break and not have to saw or cut..you have to "prep" the camper
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