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I just stumbled across this forum last night, sooooo ... hi!

Well, let's see. In a nutshell, my mustached man of a husband and I live in Flagstaff, not far from Grand Canyon and lots of other great hiking, which is one of my favorite pasttimes. I'm a volunteer with a busy Search & Rescue team, which I just love ... although sometimes things don't end happily. But the times we do save a life sure feel good!

Also, I'm a long-distance backpacker, having hiked the Appalachian Trail in 2000, and am looking ahead to a Pacific Crest Trail thru-hike, hopefully within the next few years.

Before my husband and I moved back to Flagstaff in 2003, we'd been property and farm caretakers back east (U.S.). We lived on a small, organic farm in New England for a while, hand-milking cows, growing pretty much all of our own food and selling (or giving away) the extra at a self-serve roadside stand and at the farmer's market in Kent, Connecticut. We also lived on a Pennsylvania farm for a number of years, again growing a ton of veggies, sheering angora goats, and pretty much trying as much of the do-it-yourself lifestyle as we could. Like maple sugaring with homemade taps, making a cobb oven and baking our bread from wheat we grew and ground, building a chicken house, and so forth. It was such a wonderful lifestyle and learning experience.

Life is a bit different now, but we still have all those skills we learned as caretakers/homesteaders, and they definitely come in handy today too.

Anyway, that's my intro that got longer-winded than expected ... as usual. Looking forward to these forums.

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