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    Well, spent a few hours looking over many posts of subjects I have always had interest. What a great idea for a site!
    I just wanted to introduce myself. I live in a very remote location near Crawford, Colorado at 6500ft.
    When I first moved here and wanted power, the power company pissed me off so we did not talk for three years. I had to generate my own, and I did. I used a VW bug generator with belt drive to any current motor I could make run. Adapted several Briggs and Stratton garbage motors till they died and then found a little Honda 50 motor. The VW generator charged a couple simple deep cycle type batteries and a cooling fan for the Honda/Gen.
    I could watch fuzzy television...And simple 12v lights.
    I was a total city guy and I realized then that the most single important loss was a refrigerator. Dry goods. Bummer.

    One of the coolest times of my life.

    Um, I had to swallow my pride and crawl back the the power company and finally worked out a deal to get power to my property. But it sure is nice having a refrigerator now.

    Anyway Hi all.

    Bob near Crawford CO
  2. Frank

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    Dude or dudette, that takes some doing. 3 yrs blowing off the grid. I am impressed.

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    Welcome! Sounds you will have quite a few stories to contribute here, can't wait to hear them. Do you have a family that also lived for 3 years without power?
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    Welcome! Any plans to get back off power from the grid?