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    Hey, my name is Kranky( No, not the drug kind, I got the name from my friendly smile). I am turning a prefab shed into a cabin. I am doing a blog on it, and will continue updating it for the whole summer of 2010.
    I have built 3 other cabins through out my lifetime. I plan of using the things I learned in the past, to make this the best one yet.:congrat:
    I have chosen southern Oregon, around Klamath Falls area, for my cabin, and would like to hear from others in the same area, as I know this is a good area for people like us. (my last cabin was on Bly Mt.)
    I dont like to buy something, just too find out later, that I could have gotten it cheaper somewhere else. I am a bigtime comparative shopper, and always advise everyone to do the same.... STRETCH YOUR BUCKS!:D
    I have an online Outdoor, Survival, and Wilderness Supply store at:

    karlscabin: Karlscabin-The superstore

    In it you will find the Tab :D"Living in a Garden Shed- The Beginning..:wave:. This is the blog I have started on my cabin project, you are welcome to come and look. You may also feel free to use my store for comparative shopping, to make sure you get the best deal you can, on what you need.... Whether you buy or not, use it to save you money, that is the reason I built it, I got tired of seaching all over for what I wanted :surrender:, so I just put it all in one place :congrat:
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    Sometimes you just get lucky!

    I was looking for a domain name for my blogsite on building my cabin. I really built the site to make it easy for family members to keep track of me easily. So i was trying to find a domain name that was short, easy to remember what it was for, and (if you've ever tried to get even your own name as an email) ISNT TAKEN.....
    So after putting in the one hundreth or so name, I was growing discouraged, when the question was asked "What's wrong, can't think of a name for your off the grid shack"?
    That's when it came together, I typed it in, and held my breath, it had to be taken..... it was just too simple..... them BINGO! Green light! I bought it on the spot! My blogs new adress as of next week?
    BTW: Now to see the cabin, scroll to the bottom, passed the hit counter, you will find the cabin.....
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    I agree with you - sometimes a "company" will try to register as many names as possible and try to force someone to buy the name from them at a highly inflated price.

    Happened to me - I registered a .ca name, couldn't get the .com name and all of a sudden I am getting emails from the "owner" of the .com name wanting to sell me the .com name .... bastards!!!!

    Anyway - keeping my .ca name and if the .com name ever shows up as being available, I'll snag it then.
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    Hello & Welcome! :wave:
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    :welcome: Share what you know. Ask what you don't. :wave: