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I just started my herb garden this year. Can anyone advise me what are the most important herbs to have. So far I have thyme, rosemary, sage, basil, parsley, chives, cilantro & dill. Will any of these plants live if protected in the winter?
thyme, rosemary, sage and chives will overwinter fine, and in your area probably with no extra protection.
The parsley will also overwinter but since it is a biannual then it will strive to make tons of seed the second year.
Basil, cilantro and dill do much better if started new every year, but since they put out seed very nicely you should be able to save seed each year and not have to buy it.

Funny story--I love dried basil in my cooking for soups and sauces and even on my chicken-found that I do not like the flavor fresh!:eek: So I tend to grow it and dry it for myself and the flavor is so much more "YUMMY" with my own fresh dried basil than the store bought.

I have also found that I don't care for cilantro fresh either.. Tastes kinda soapy:dunno: But then I don't like Arugula either--just must be the taste buds. lol

Your best bet is to try them all and see which you like the best and keep them in your garden-I love lemon verbena but it is too tender to grow here other than as an annual or a house plant..

If you like lemon--you have to look up and grow lemon thyme! it is divine on chicken and in salsa!
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