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    Hello, for now lets just say my name is John and that I am at your website and others like yours to put together an ultimate survival guide. Now I have been at some forums in the past maybe even this one and I have read a lot of survival guides for certain things: war, being homeless, zombie attacks and so on. But I have never had the chance to make my own, so this is me getting my facts straight and researching everything I can. If your site has a place and likes my guide feel free to post it when I'm finished.
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    welcome to the forum :congrat:

    hope you find what you're looking for

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    There are already some books out there as the "ultimate survival guide" - but - the question you will want to answer is "What is the ultimate survival situation"? I believe that the zombie-hordes will try to take over the world. My view is that the zombie-hordes are your everyday person that mindlessly follows the crowd, follows government propaganda but never follows their own mind. The movie-style zombie-hordes are not what I am afraid of - I am afraid of the ones that attack, loot and kill in a riot .. and feel justified doing it.
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    Aim for the head. Welcome to the forum! Enjoy!
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    Well Hi John, and I welcome you to the forum. What are your plans for this survivalguide may I ask? Would it be for yourself and a small group to survive in any number of situations to be prepared? Or for publishing one day? Just curious!
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    hi Frenzzz..
    jump right in and start posting!!!
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    I always thought that was part of the 'message' being conveyed by zombie movies, and Body Snatchers, The Borg etc etc?... :confused: