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Hello World

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Hi I stumbled across this site while looking up tips on mushroom hunting and was sure I had to join before I even clicked the link:D I'm some of my interests include gardening(traditional, aqua/hydroponic, containers, forest) growing edible mushrooms, hunting/fishing, alternative energy(from generating hydrogen to solar systems) camping and the like.

I am using this year for self study and saving(not to mention finding a better place to live and getting married) setting up a bigger container garden and start growing enough edible mushroom(shiitake and oysters although I may give lions mane a try to) to get my foot in the door at the local farmers markets if these plans go well I hope to go back to school next year(after about 10years)to get at least my associates in applied horticulture and take some business classes in order to start a small nursery/landscaping company based on providing edible/medicinal/ethnobotanical landscaping(people pay absurd amounts of money on landscaping that doesn't give back half of what they put in to it why not give them a better alternative) all to hopefully be able to get nice sized chunk of land that I can turn into a seed farm/nursery/bed and breakfast

well that should give ya'll some clue as to who I am and what I'm about if you have any questions feel free to ask see you in the forums
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