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Hello all.
I am new here and wold like to invite you to view my website.


Now before you go crazy on me let me

The proceeds from the store on the site go directly to operating costs and towards new and upcoming Survival Preparedness Seminars.

The way I have the store set up there is no room for Profit.

Our intentions aren't to get rich.

They are to provide you the budgeted consumer with products you can afford and trust in a Crisis of small to epic proportions.

We also promote Greener Living and Self Reliance.

I will be sharing many of the videos and much of the information you can already find on our site.

And some that I haven't added yet.

ADMINS: If this is in any way a violation of terms then let me know immediately and I will correct it.

I am looking forward to meeting more like minded people and dedicated to helping everyone who needs it.

We at ULTIMATESURVIVALSUPPLIES.COM Believe that it must be a community effort when Crisis comes knocking.

The more people you have in your camp or in your community that are prepared, the better Survival rate all around.

Thank you for allowing me to join.

Patriot Survivalist:2thumb::2thumb:

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great website i9 have bookmarked it and will check it out later in greater detail....looks like you have alot of great products!
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