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I am a bit (alot) of a newbie to this, but came to prepping and survivial the same way many people I feel have; I looked around at the constant spending and consuming of this culture and said to myself "not sustainable". since then I have been looking for ways to protect my family from what I feel is the "great shift" the U.S. is going to have. It may not be a long lasting collapse but it is going to Quick shift and hurt a little bit.

I have some skills required to make it in a SHTF world I am a currently a Machinist and I was formerly in building trades. Believe it or not my the skills I really feel I need are gardening and Knitting. (lol)

My bug out plan has my family going from Wisconsin to Michigan this usually intails a Chicargo route, but in a real world gone mad senario that does not seem wise. Any thoughts? Thanks for being there.

P.S my spell check has never worked on this computer, spelling may be rough.:dunno:
Hello from a guy who also works with metal ... AutoCAD designer here for a CNC metal-shop.

As far as BugOut plans go, there is a great thread on that subject already called "BugOut Location - How close / how far" that has some really good ideas listed in it. You can find the link to the thread listed in the FAQ: Standard Acronyms thread under Website Comments and Suggestions
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